Healthy as a horse.

  1. Same, i have a multitude of things I'd like to get checked out but it's definitely not in the budget. nor is it in the foreseeable future.

  2. I also have epilepsy. I only get tonic clonic seizures. My tongue (gotta love canker sores), shoulders (dislocated both, my right has been dislocated twice. Probably getting surgery for that, but maybe I'll need a 3rd dislocation), and memory have suffered the most because of them (not just disorientation, but actual memory loss). I still get seizures even on meds, but the amount I get is lowered. I also get drowsiness and dizzy spells that prevent me from standing (trigger for side effect known). Medicaid/Medicare covers medication and treatment. If I make too much money, I lose Medicaid. If I can't afford my meds, it's only a matter of time. How much memory loss will I have? Oh, and the trigger for my seizures is unknown.

  3. Sisters boyfriend is taking this to heart this month. Came back from Vegas "sick" end of july but refuses to go to the doctor because "that's how you get cancer". 2 and a half weeks in and he's still holding strong.

  4. As someone that has had a heart attack young, my advise is don't have a life threatening disease. Would have been 90k without insurance.

  5. A CDC surveyor asked me if I've ever been diagnosed with diabetes or blood pressure problems, and I can confidently say no because I haven't been to a doctor in more than a decade.

  6. Mmhmm, one of my relatives did that, and he died on an operating table after undiagnosed diabetes and a blood glucose level of over 700 turned a routine illness into DKA and organ failure.

  7. I knew a guy who went to the doctor and was told he had cancer. Had he stayed home, he’d still be alive today

  8. Why would you go to the doctor when you can just self-diagnose? Everyone on twitter and tiktok does it so it must be accurate!

  9. My almost 60 yr old sister is like this. She'll call our mom and ask her what she has. Our mom was a school secretary. They used to tell me that I was adopted when we were young to be mean but now I just say thank God. I can't be related to these people.

  10. I probably have a broken bone in my hand. I was moving logs and heard a pop, now, a week later my hand hurts to move, it's constantly camping and makes horrifically painful crunching sounds when I apply pressure... Can't afford to get it fixed, therefore I can't confirm it's broke and my "never broke a bone" streak continues.

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