Dad said he would kick me out if I dated a bi sexual girl

  1. Dude. My parents are super religious as Christians and I started dating a straight Cathloic girl. They were toxic. Swearing cussing emotional abusive to the point of threating my girlfriend and friends and I had to eventually move out.

  2. Do you think your pastor would have a more lenient view about this? If so talk to them about it in private and see if they'd be willing to have a talk with both of you together or your dad by himself to help him temper his attitude. He may still not like it but your church leader or someone else your dad respects on spiritual grounds may be able to get him to accept it.

  3. I’m not endorsing this plan, but you could lie to your dad and say she was confused and realized she’s straight after all, and then continue dating her, if you think he’d believe that.

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