I got sent nudes from an 12 year old boy help!

  1. Honestly as long as you block the boy and delete all photos youll be fine. I understand how those images can be burned into your brain and theres not much you can really do in that aspect but you really have nothing to worry about legally.

  2. Block him and tell your parents and maybe tell his parents, too. That is very innapropriate for a child. Don't be scared to tell your family, it's not your fault that he's a pervert at such a young age.

  3. She's not 13. You can tell by one of the pics she's posted "I want a mug full of ..." where you can see her long nails. No 13yo female has nails like that at that age. Hell no. Not a chance. So she saying she's 13 is clearly horsecrap

  4. Oh I'm so sorry dear, I'm glad deleted them and blocked the number. If it ever happens again report it to the police, because you never know if it was consensual or not or if the pics were taken by an adult. It might help another child out of a bad situation by reporting it.

  5. Ok as a parent… how does this happen? I know boomer… as my kid would say. But, no really how does this happen? You are allowed to have random ppl send you dm’s? What platform? I’m freaking out for you.

  6. TELL YOUR PARENTS!!!. Didnt mean to shout but im a dad and I would need to know if it was my kid. If for some reason they find out it would be far better to hear it from you.

  7. I’m sorry you had to see that. It’s unbelievable how younger kids are sending these kinds of things. if you don’t know him just block him and move on. please be careful who you meet online even if they are younger or your age to avoid seeing other stuff like that in the future.

  8. Delete the photos and block the person. You can be charged with child pornography for just having the photos on your phone even if your a minor yourself.

  9. Do you know the boy personally because if you do, you have to tell someone you trust because his behavior is unacceptable and he'll continue to do it and it's going to get worst as he grow if no one stop him.

  10. I’m so sorry that happened, you are only a child yourself, you don’t know the person, I think it is okay to delete block and move on at that. But if it keeps happening, think about letting somebody like a parent/police know. It might not be the last time this happens, I’m sorry others can be so gross. It will be okay.

  11. Super ick. Delete and block if it happens again. Also, it is NOT okay, regardless of age for unsolicited pictures. If it even happens again, just go to your folks. They'll know what to do.

  12. Tell his parents/school, not even as revenge, but because someone needs to tell him that he shouldnt be doing that especially at 13

  13. He doesn't need to be in the internet if that's the case.If you don't know him and have never talked to him before he is putting his self in danger.For all he knows you could've been some 70 year old women/man who was gonna sell the picks.

  14. Talk to your parents about what happened and that you deleted them. They need to know for safeguarding purposes. Good luck kid.

  15. Do you know his parents? Someone from his family? I think they should know what their child is doing bc this can lead to some really dangerous situations.

  16. Report him and try to get he’s parents contact specially for he’s on safety if he keeps doing that this can turn into a big problem for him because once in the internet always in the internet

  17. Bruh, block him. You said it’s ingrained in your head, I would recommend you delete this post so you don’t get reminded of that every time you look at your previous post.

  18. You are kids and you should NEVER take any nude photos of yourself or anyone else. This includes never taking naked photos as an adult either! Never Ever!!! And NEVER send any photos of yourself clothed or not, to strangers on the Internet!

  19. It's reading things like this that make me TERRIFIED to give birth to the child I'm pregnant with. Jfc. This is sick ...that boy needs help YALL ARE CHILDREN WTF

  20. I'm sorry that happened to you. Maybe put a setting on your account that you can't just recirve messages unless they friend you first.

  21. Neither him nor you are supposed to be on Discord He’s 12 and you’re 13 You also need to tell your parents about everything that happens to you and never hide anything instead of Reddit You have not done anything wrong to be scared to tell you parents and even if you did something wrong they should always know.

  22. Delete them, and forget it ever happened. Don't reply, don't post on Reddit or anywhere. This never happened and you receive a lot of spam, which you delete.

  23. Good grief, kids today and not understanding repercussions of what these actions do later. You didn't do anything, this is about what he did. Tell him that what he did was send an unsolicited pic, that you are not interested in him and to politely stop communicating with you and that if you receive another pic from him, you will be finding a way to forward that to his parents

  24. that’s distributing child pornography. let him know he can become a sex offender and get arrested for what hes doing (doesnt matter if its pics of yourself its still the same charge) then block him, because receiving these photos can also be a crime

  25. How do you know this is actually a 12 year old boy? You said this wasn’t from someone you knew, it was a random DM. For all you know that is an adult trying to gain access to you by using the photo of one of their (or someone else’s) victims. Pedophiles will catfish children online to gain access to them in any way they can. Report it.

  26. I would delete the photos but also inform the police in case it comes back to you. You dont want to get brought up on child porn charges.

  27. Take this as a lesson about the dangers of the Internet. Always be extra careful chatting with strangers online. Know that such people will always exist and don't be afraid of them.

  28. I’d say the first thing would to not admit to possessing pizza Then the next logical step would to be delete the pizza and act like nothing happened

  29. You could tell his parents if you wanted to but as long as they have been deleted so that you are not in possession of CP, you’ll be fine legally.

  30. The fingerprint of the photo is now on your hard drive. Doesn't matter if you delete it or not. Your computer could be "tricked" into sharing it like you are doing it in the background without you knowing. Then, FBI got something on you....

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