Boyfriend is into disturbing porn

  1. I mean everybody that has watched porn has watched those type of porn. That’s why the phrase “What are you doing Step Bro” is so popular and people know exactly what you are talking about. Lol. I’ve watched it but the thought of everrrrrr thinking of my brother in that type of way makes me want to puke my guts out, plug my eyes out of my head and slit my throat cause.

  2. I ignore all titles in porn because they are outrageous. So unless he’s watching role play, he might actually be into the porn itself and not the title of the video.

  3. Im a female and im into daddy/daughter porn and in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM would I ever be remotely interested in real life. I think its more of the taboo/power portion of it. I truly wouldn’t worry but I understand how it could be jarring

  4. I watch mommy daughter porn for the same reason, but I always call my girlfriends mommy so i don't really think of it as incest just the mommy type thing.... I hope I didn't. Make that too weird.

  5. Haha no problem, it's appreciated! He's currently 29. He's definitely into the whole milf things, pretty hardcore. He also really enjoys cheating porn (nervous laughter increases). I know these are all very common and popular porn categories to be into, but for some reason my brain just won't process that it's okay?

  6. I’m 25f, very much into ddlg porn and calling people daddy during sex. I also love breeding porn. I hate my actual father and I never want to have kids 😂

  7. I’m a lesbian and I really hate how some men behave and do all the fighting for women’s rights stuff but I like to watch straight porn w very old gross ugly men in it, yet i hate men who are like this in real life and am absolutely repulsed by the male body. So sexual fantasy really is a strange things and should never be compared or equated with reality

  8. Woahhh I was going to say it’s fine bc it’s just acting but the fact that he watches actual incest is unbelievably disturbing. I’m sorry I don’t like kink shaming but wow. That’s a lot.

  9. Ummmm She just admitted that he is watching actual incest. Not fantasy, but actual family members having sex. That is far different from fantasy porn!

  10. People watch porn for all different reasons. But mostly to scratch a fantasy itch. Not that they want the fantasy to happen. For example it's not uncommon for women to have rape fantasies. It doesn't mean they want to be raped just that they are turned on by the idea of the loss of control.

  11. Incest porn is super common now. Ted Cruz is a senator and posted incest porn to his twitter and still isn't fired or has any repercussions. If anything the people of Texas are proud of him for it.

  12. Jumping to conclusions that he’d do that to his own family is inconsiderate. It’s just a taboo thing people enjoy as long as there’s no minors or animals it’s all good

  13. So if you don’t feel safe with him and don’t want to start a family with him, have you considered that this is not the person for you?

  14. It is ok for people to have fantasies. The fact that it disturbs you is why most guys hide it. You need to stop judging him if you want him to be open with you.

  15. I mean you know the porn with incest is just make believe right? They arent actually related to each other. Just because he likes this type of porn doesnt mean he wants to actually participate in incest. Porn stars who participate in certain categories sometimes specialize in that category. Maybe he has a thing for the particular porn stars. Either way, you can either get over it or move on.

  16. I mean me and my boyfriend have shared that we have watched incest porn, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. Because we have no desire of doing that sort of things in real life. You can talk to him about it.

  17. If it is illegal porn (actual child porn) then get worried and get out of there. If it is not, like many have said here, it will most likely be about something else that he happens to find in that kind of porn (like the control and power dynamics or maybe he likes to watch couples with big age gaps etc) and nothing to do with what the title of the movie is supposed to play

  18. I can't find the links but I've read stories or studies about this. The large majority of those who watch the step/incest type stuff don't actually fantasize about the step/incest part... but more so the "this is so wrong" or " this shouldn't be happening" feel of it. I forget what they called it but it's a pretty typical unconscious desire to essentially do what you know is ethically or morally wrong based on your beliefs. I don't know if it helps or is even accurate but I've definitely read about the psychology of it a few times. For context I was a psych major but ended up switching so I'm no expert by any means.

  19. It doesn't help since 2016 the industry has been taken over by pseudo incest with the step family garbage. As if the semi rape aspects in a lot of the videos weren't bad enough

  20. My ex would often times leave his PornHub tabs open on his phone. One time I saw a “mommy son cuddling” video and I felt nauseous. To each their own but…

  21. Why the fuck is everyone skipping the "child" part I'm not gonna say what I think yet because I need to know exactly what you mean when you say "child"

  22. He’s into the taboo of it. The fact that it’s a bit more wrong than your regular porn is probably why he enjoys it. I’ve been into it in the past and I think it’s because it feels naughty in a way. If you put me into a situation like that in real life I’d probably end up crying in a boiling shower for three hours then blow my brains out. They’re two very different things.

  23. Is he actually into the incest part, or is it just that there are so many incest-themed videos out there?

  24. We do not all watch porn. I have never once in my life watched porn. And I am in my late 20s. I have no desire to do so. But yeah your boyfriend watching that is highly disturbing and I would have a huge problem with that. I would not want to be with a man who watches that.

  25. “Child” incest is concerning… I’m guessing it’s titled daughter or son and isn’t actually a child, but why is no one pointing that out? Especially someone you’d want to have kids with?

  26. Not advice really, but enough of my friends are into it that i've gotten various responses as to why. Most revolve around like finding the forbidden nature of it hot, not the actually context of the videos.

  27. I feel like even if it’s a common thing, it’s weird. It would make me uncomfortable too. And just because there are people saying they’d never do it in real life doesn’t mean he won’t. And vice versa. In my personal opinion, I’d feel unsafe starting a family with someone who watches that type of porn.

  28. Lmao not really. I'm a woman and i watch step porn. It's just actors. I watch it because it has some sort of story to it. I can't imagine doing anything like that even remotely close irl Lmao.

  29. To me "and vice versa" Means that there's no garauntee that ANYONE (even those that don't watch this porn) Won't engage in incest and there isn't. Though that is a very judgmental way of thinking.

  30. I've watch all sorts of pornos and in no way will I do most of them (the incest and stuff I mean and other stuff) I don't think you need to worry just ask him why that and if he feels like trying stuff like that he might get mad at that but if he does it might mean he has no interest in trying it

  31. I'll get downvoted...but please please please follow that gut feeling you have. We have that for a reason. This is just wrong? Just go to the deadbedroom reddit and see many people end up watching harder and harder stuff and then can't even get it up for the person that is right in front of them! I read so many posts about men that are married and NEVER have ses with their is so sad.

  32. So I (f25) like watching "disturbing" porn sometimes. I like painal for example, I like when the girl seems like she doesn't like it or when she cries. The more real it seems the better. I would never wish anything like that happening to anybody in real life. I am also terrified of doctors irl, but I have gynecological fantasy. I have more examples like these, but let's not get into it.

  33. wow, kinda grossed out by a lot of these replies......incest is inexcusable real or fake. if incest makes someone feel anything other than utter disgust and anger then i would steer clear of them......

  34. i agree with you. porn normalizes so many things that are wrong… like the teen category being among, if not the most popular genres makes me so hopeless :/

  35. Leave him I dealt with it for years. Not only movies but porn free sites . It makes you feel like you ate nog enough .

  36. Fetishes come from trauma… maybe his family did something to him… don’t be so mean about it; it’s delicate. Maybe try therapy with him about it and also separate. He may need some healing from the past

  37. It’s a very common fetish. I don’t share it, but I wouldn’t be too concerned that your boyfriend is into it.

  38. You may need to consider reporting him for child porn. If it’s adult performers, yeah it’s gross and creepy, but you’re saying he watching parent to child, and if there’s a child in this porn, he should be reported! Additionally, if you don’t feel safe with him, it’s time to leave ASAP.

  39. I didn't get the impression they were talking about child porn. I get the impression they have a naive, exxagerated impression of porn titled in certain ways, when actually they're actors. I get the impression responses like yours are ones from those that judge others for the trivial made-up titles of their porn.

  40. I was molested as a child and I have to tell you to run away and not tell your boyfriend where you are going. Also, you might want to report him to the police. This is some dangerous shit.

  41. If someone watches porn titled "father and daughter" When it's likely clear that it's actors. Especially on popular porn sites...It doesn't mean they are watching child porn and it doesn't mean it's incest.

  42. Men w these type of fetishes, likely have mommy-issues. I’d be more concerned about this w regards to your relationship. Not necessarily a deal breaker; but something to be mindful about, since we tend to play out our developmental trauma through our romantic relationships.

  43. Not really weird…it’s a really popular kink nowadays. There are ads on pornhub for these kind of simulator games all the time lol…

  44. I've clicked on the WHAT ARE YOU DOING STEP BRO but honestly I don't give a crap about the damn role play I just skip to the middle and beat off it might be that, or trauma you might want to talk to him about it.

  45. He has a pornography addiction. Don’t normalize watching porn because it isn’t in fact “normal” especially what he’s watching. that is not a good sign to be into that dark stuff.

  46. Female here I use to be worried about if something wrong with me as I like nonconsent/blackmail porn but would never want to actually happen. But get now I just like the submissive role and that’s okay it’s not real.

  47. Idk how people can be into that, like I’ve clicked on it before and was like “alright let’s see why so many people like step sis/step bro shit” and like Idk it just weirds me out.

  48. If he’s watching those kinds of incestous videos specifically and often, I would not feel safe having kids with him until he has been to therapy. Maybe it’s nothing, maybe he’s had a traumatic past, or maybe he’s a creep. Either way, I wouldn’t just push this under the rug, communicate with each other and try to understand it from his pov and discuss going to therapy. Good luck OP.

  49. I think it would really need to be something settled with a discussion. It depends on if the things he's into is just a fantasy with no other factors to it, or if he wants to make that a reality. Then you can figure out from there what you need to do

  50. There are a couple of series in that vein that I enjoy watching, but honestly the incest part is secondary; I mainly watch it because the ridiculous storylines they come up with are entertaining, and after they dispense with whatever flimsy façade they came up with for that particular video it just becomes regular porn.

  51. My bf likes “milf” porn and has always been into older women. Doesn’t bother me. Most porn watchers do watch that stepbro-type shit and I don’t think it’s anything to worry about (like it’s just taboo and weird enough to make him feel like it’s kinky) unless he starts watching really weird stuff like torture or rape type stuff.

  52. Die most people it’s just the idea of having sex with someone you’re incredibly close to, feel protected by, have an intimate bond that’s been going back for a long time. Plus the taboo aspect of course.

  53. Personally it's more so due to the taboo part of it, how they both express their reluctance but can't help themselves. Only incest porn does that right nowadays. Most just go straight into fucking, which is so eh.

  54. Don't get that fetish myself. Porn sites are full with them too. Seriously, click most rated porn videos and you will see son mom crap.

  55. Child invest is pedophilia I’m sure ? Mum / dad incest can be normal , when I was younger I used to watch step dad porn because I liked the way the guy who acted it out did it and liked the story line kinda ? But it was never a fetish . If I were to think of my actual dad / step dad while watching it I think I’d throw up 🤢 maybe this is the case too ?

  56. How do you know he’s into this? He specifically says this out-loud? If you only know from seeing his search history, you should take it with a grain of salt.. those titles are garbage and I’m pretty sure 80% of porn videos are labeled “mom/stepmom/sister..” whatever.

  57. Is he actually watching it for the plot? If so, then it’s a huge red flag. A lot of people, like myself, just ignore the plot and want to see people fucking lmfao

  58. I watch some of those weirdly titled videos for the performers, not the dumb story. I skip to the actual sex part. Maybe he does the same? If he watches the whole thing, then talk to him about it.. communication is key.

  59. That’s a conversation you need to have with him. And a therapist. Watching porn is one thing, but watching THAT kind of porn, and being really into it is completely another.

  60. You need to get away from this guy, this is not normal. Big RED FLAG!! My friend's son is in prison and rightly so for 15 years now bc he started watching porn with kids. He got the chance to fulfill his fantasy and was caught thank God. Get rid of him, it is sickening. Not the guy you want to be with. Even adult porn is addictive and will wreck a relationship. Prison is where he is headed.

  61. When I’m zerkin’ off, my taste goes out the window. Anything goes. Amputee medieval torture roleplay? Sure! Incest? Just turn the volume off! Do I feel like shit AFTERWARDS? ABSOLUTELY!!!

  62. I know people have said this already, but just talking with them about it is the best option, my friends mom has a story about a guy she almost married but decided not to because of this same reason, the guy went on to get married and was a wonderful father to his kids. For the most part, if you don’t feel comfortable with it, just talk to them. I know that with the stuff I watch, I don’t watch it because of a particular fetish, but only that I find the actress attractive. It doesn’t Necessarily mean he would do that with his own kids. If you think he is that kind of person, the only question I have is, why are you with him?

  63. I know the whole incest thing is weird to a lot of people but it is actually one of the most popular porn categories. It's because people who enjoy it are into one or both of two things. Taboo and/or power play. Either he likes the idea of doing something against the social norm or he likes that one person has a powerful position over the other. Either way it's nothing to worry about. Unless he really likes the incest part of it (unlikely but possible). Talk to him about it.

  64. The thing w the porn industry is that taboo/kink porn is what gets seen the most, but a lot of kink porn is diffcult and/or more expensive to produce. Incest porn is the lowest effort and cost as you just need the actors to say «mom» and the people that don’t like it can ignore it.

  65. This is extremely, extremely common. In fact it's one of the most common porn categories in the US. Most people with an insest kink have no interest in their actual family, and are more turned on by the "taboo" nature of it. I hope knowing that helps you in some way.

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