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  1. It could be totally about an improper APPEARANCE. But offers of money set off alarms. Knowing that there is little difference in maturity between 17 and 18 makes me think that should not be a problem.

  2. Agree with everything you're saying here and just want to add - she might not even realize what she's doing. In her head, it might be a scenario where she's lonely, feeling like she's helping this student, and she doesn't intend for the relationship to turn into something romantic (abusive in this context) but all the groundwork is being laid for it to tip over across that line really easily. Conscious or not, she's opening all of those doors and should have never let anything grow to the point of being a possibility.

  3. This really lays it out and it would be obvious to any adult who saw this. That’s why she doesn’t want another adult to know.

  4. Even if it isn't grooming, it's weird for teachers to be texting their students much less going to their homes and cooking them dinner.

  5. The definition of grooming is someone who builds a relationship,trust and emotional connection with a child. To manipulate,exploit or abuse. She’s a grown woman initiating conversation and meet ups with her underage student. She’s absolutely grooming you and it’s highly illegal. Switch the roles,if a 26 year old man was inviting a 17 year old girl to his place or inviting himself to her home while her parents are away and flashing money and gifts around and giving unnecessary attention to a student off school grounds but insists she doesn’t tell anyone? Now what do you think? It’s entirely her fault and you’re the victim here and she needs to be reported. Keep chat messages and let the school know with proof. What you don’t understand is she is in a place of authority and she knows what she is doing is wrong. She’s a predator and you’re the prey,she’s got you easily fooled with this sweet act but she’s a bad person. She’s going to try and gain your trust and make you have a emotional bond with her that she’s later going to attempt to turn sexual. I understand with you being alone at 17 that you’re seeking comfort/attention etc from a adult but this is a very wrong and very bad situation and she needs to be held accountable. Trust me when you grow up you’re going to look back on this In disgust

  6. You've come here to ask a question and I see your reply not accepting whats being said, just that no one can believe a 26yr old wants to be friends with a 17yr old, there's a reason for that and you're being incredibly naive. What she's doing is grooming and she's abusing her power of authority as a teacher, not to mention breaking every ethical code.

  7. this!!! she’s testing the waters on what she can get away with before you’re uncomfortable. the reason you don’t see any red flags is because she doesn’t want you to

  8. She is not trying to groom you: she has. The “out of control” mark was exceeded in paragraph one, regarding text. Something is terribly wrong with this teacher.

  9. I agree with your friends. You should not be that close to a teacher, and she is breaking all manner of profession standards and conduct rules.

  10. this is not good. She 100% knows what she's doing is wrong, that's why she wants you to keep it a secret. Not cool, you need to put a stop to this yesterday.

  11. She's 26 and you're 17: you are not "more mature than other 17yo" as she probably said. You're a kid to her and the fact you are 17 mean she can (and did) manipulate you. It doesn't mean you're dumb or easy, just younger. You could do the same with a 13 yo.

  12. If she's not grooming you, what do you think she's doing? She can have many friends her age, and yet she chooses someone who is not even at legal age to drink yet with a lot less life experience. She's very obviously grooming you.

  13. Jesus Christ that is textbook grooming. Do you think it starts out sexual? No, it starts out innocent and friendly etc, that’s literally the method they use. Please cut contact with this person, they might not have done anything wrong yet and it’s possible that they won’t but it’s still inappropriate. They’re an adult and should know better.

  14. ok yea this is grooming. i know you dont feel like it is grooming but IT. IS. GROOMING. tell the principal or school counselor

  15. Your friends have a keen sense for spotting the color red. And flags. They’re right, my dude. This isn’t natural or appropriate behavior from someone in a professional, publicly funded mentor’s position. Take the advice of this thread, my guy. She’s trouble.

  16. I hate to break it to you but your friends are correct and by law (depending on where you live).This is grooming and this is very very wrong of your maths teacher and I don't even think they should have that job.The fact that they want to keep it a secret just shows how much of a vile person she is and these acts of kindness that you mention at the end are a very common trait in groomers.they will be very nice for a while which is known as manipulation and luring.The fact that there is a nine year age gap (whether this is even legal can depend on where you live in the world) but morally this teacher can be seen as a predator and this can actually be seen as a sackable offence for your teacher.But to me the massive age gap,the don't tell anyone and the manipulation really add up to something nasty and your friends are correct and are trying to look out for you.If it was genuine why would she care if it was secret or not.

  17. Adults shouldn’t ask children to keep secrets beyond “Don’t tell your mom about this surprise gift for her birthday.”

  18. First off texting and hanging out with students is unperfessional to beging with and the fact that she says to keep it a secret shows your friends are right.

  19. A 17yr old and a 26yr old hanging out and dating may be completely legal where you live. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right but I won’t even go into that. What I will say is one situation where it’s clear as day wrong whether legal or not is when that person is in a place of authority. Your teacher, boss, admissions advisor, or friends parent or something. That’s always wrong because it can make people feel more vulnerable and feel like they have to do it. That’s grooming.

  20. Even where age of consent is lower than 18, its still generally illegal when the older person is in a position of power. I don't know of anywhere where that is not the case.

  21. Hey kid, I’m a teacher who is the same age as your maths teacher, and I have something super important to say to you:

  22. A 26 year old can drink, vote, own a home or rent an apartment, possibly pays taxes (not just payroll) and has at minimum 7 more years of relationship and sexual experience. She pays bills. She fills her own fridge with groceries. She makes her own doctors appointment. She's no longer on her parents health insurance.

  23. Reverse the roles to a 26m teacher and a 17f student. Keep everything else the same. Now do you think the teacher is grooming the student? Cooking food, watching movies together, hanging out, offers of money, and keeping everything hush hush. While the whole thing may seem like an "innocent" student/teacher friendship you have to admit there is a lot of inappropriateness going on. You're still pretty young so you may not see it, but your teacher DEFINITELY knows better. The ONLY reason she wants you to keep it a secret is because she knows she crossed a line.

  24. As someone who was groomed, this is textbook grooming. I know it doesn’t feel like it, and I know it feels really nice to have a special relationship with someone. But once you get older you’ll start to realize how weird it was that someone so old would indeed want to be with you. They make you feel safe, they make you feel like everything is going at your pace. But there are little ways they push your boundaries more and more. You’ve already said she is pretty touchy. The process takes years. The years are there to make you feel comfortable. Don’t wait to find the truth out later

  25. Okay so , my English teacher did this with me but for me it caught me off guard. At first I thought , wow my teacher is pretty cool . We’d have night long conversations. Then the texts started getting more and more … suspect and sexual. At that point I didn’t entertain it because … it is grooming . They know that the relationship they’re creating is inappropriate. If they aren’t doing it with all their students , that should be a sign . Even if she was doing this with all her students … that’s even creepier and more concerning . But the fact is , you’re underage and anyone being that “friendly” usually expects it to lead somewhere. Anyways yea , all of what you said sounds like red flags so your friends were just pointing out the obvious . Good friends . You should listen

  26. This is inappropriate. Be super wary of any adult who wants to “keep it a secret”. I know you’re 17, but you’re still a minor. You can have friends who are different ages, but an age gap this large at this age is weird and it is strange that this is a teacher. I am sorry to say this but even if you do have some older friends I would be wary of any and all of the behaviors you talk about— the touchiness, secrecy, etc. I can’t say with 100% certainty that she has bad intentions but even if she doesn’t, stop. And anyway the secrecy is a HUGE red flag. Huge.

  27. This person has already gone through high school, college, and starting a professional career. How would you feel if it was someone your age with a 6 year old? It’s weird because you’re a minor and she’s an adult. Age gaps start to matter a lot less when you’re in similar life situations and the power dynamic is less predatory. That can’t happen with an adult and superior coming onto a minor and her subordinate in some ways.

  28. when i taught school, there were sometimes students who needed or deserved special attention. it could be because they were unusually talented/intelligent and needed extra opportunities. it could be that they were challenged in some way and needed extra opportunities of a different kind. or perhaps their home life wasnt great. but there are red flags in this situation for these reasons - first, those special relationships were never a secret and were open to all - it’s just that most kids have other things they want to do; second, the relationships took place mainly on school grounds with the possibility that others might spontaneously join us at any moment. when things happened outside school grounds, other adults such as my husband or their parents were present; and last none of my personal money was involved. if donations were needed it was a group teacher effort monitored by an authority figure. her intentions may be innocent. maybe she has a strong maternal instinct and she wants to be a mother. but she is leaving herself and possibly Op vulnerable to misinterpretations. good judgement is not being exercised here.

  29. Look, it could be grooming or it could be that she feels like you need looking after since your a kid living by yourself without supervision.

  30. Let me point something out. Every single teacher I’ve had growing up has always been firm on setting boundaries with students. No friending students on social media until after graduation. No sharing emails and phone numbers until after graduation. Some of them won’t even be caught alone in a classroom with individual students. I remember in high school(junior year) someone confessed his feelings to the spanish teacher. The teacher (the same day) reported it to the school and they had a counselor speaking to him in the same day. The teacher told him how not ok it was. And when we were bringing up in class, the same day(it spread through the school really fast). You could tell she was still freaked out by it. A lot of teachers won’t even hug students. They’ll give you a high five. But they all know about boundaries. Your math teacher knows exactly what she’s doing.

  31. I know this sounds crazy to a 17 year old, but please talk to your father about this. It is absolutely inappropriate and if I was your father I would want to know.

  32. If you really care about that person OP please get away from her. If you cant do it for yourself, just do it for her. This could end up VERY VERY DEVASTATING for her: prison, national level embarassment, sex offender registry.

  33. Idk about “grooming” but it’s definitely an extremely bad decision on her part and completely inappropriate. This most likely will not end well.

  34. TLDR. Your 17 and you reference a 26 year old. Highly inappropriate! No way it can work out (less than 5% out of 100%). You are in 2+ different worlds. No matter where you live.

  35. I think her heart is in the right place, but I think she's being a little inappropriate about it and wants to be in the shoes of her younger self again.

  36. Just reading this screams grooming. “Secret” relationship and she is touchy? Comon dude you are 17 you should know when something is “SUS”.

  37. OP, what you have already described is abnormal. Don't get caught up in trying to figure out what might or might not happen. Just the fact that you are a student, and she is a teacher means there's an unfair power dynamic from the start. Imagine if she started to get upset with you for some reason. You may react differently to her because she holds power over your grades and school experience every day in comparison to if it were coming from a classmate. This is part of why it is unprofessional even if it's just friendly. These are also things she should know already. You're heading for some big potential drama, it is best to walk away from this. There are other people you can make friends with, and she can make friends with that are more appropriate. You may almost be an adult but she is the teacher and should not have put you in this position and she knows it. Even adults have boundaries with other adults in professional settings. This is all at best, so please walk away as soon as you can.

  38. Also, I was groomed once right around your age. So what did that look like? I didn't have a lot of friends at the time and spent a lot of time online. This person took an interest in me and my hobbies which is something my parents never did. I felt connected because I was finally seen. It wasn't my favorite connection but it was the one that was there. I had doubts, and things just seemed a little strange but I had an explanation for everything because nothing more could be going on right? He's just different than other people, he just likes the same things I do, he's just trying to be a part of the family, he just feels sorry for me. It's a lot harder to believe the alternative, and more painful. It can even be scary. Little by little he gained my trust, until one day that trust was broken very suddenly. It takes a long time to move past those occurrences, and sometimes you never do. If you've ever felt just a little bit like something is off, it probably is. I'm glad you brought it up to your friends, trust them.

  39. Ehm i’m pretty sure a teacher can’t just text their students. Because they should have no reason to. And she’s telling you to keep whatever this is a secret ? Nah you Are being groomed. Please tell your parent and someone in school so she can’t do this to any other kid. She should not be working with kids. This is highly inappropriate.

  40. From a strictly innocent/professional point of view, this teacher (who is entrusted to be a legal guardian at school) is extending that responsibility knowing OP is a minor and alone at home for extended periods of time (assuming it's just OP and their father).

  41. I think... IMO... she wants you as more than a friend. But she knows she will get in trouble if it comes out. She will most likely go for you after you turn 18. That's what I would guess. It's up to you what to do from there. You will be an adult and make your own decisions. I will say this, dealing with an angry husband is not fun. She might still try keeping it a secret if she doesn't want to leave her husband for you when that time comes. If she is truly unhappy and serious about you, she will leave her husband on her own. My wife was still married when I got together with her, and her husband was not happy and basically stalked me until I got the police involved. But she left him previous to our relationship because he sexually and physically assaulted her for many years. I knew what I was going up against when I got involved with her, and it was worth it to proceed with our relationship because my wife means that much to me and I knew she was the woman for me. We've been married 3 years now. She's 55 and I'm 37. Age doesn't mean anything as long as you're both willing to accept the challenges that come with it.

  42. Even IF age wasn't an issue (and holy S batman it IS an issue), she is your teacher and has power over you. She can determine your entire future just by saying something to another teacher or a higher up. She can f up your grades or even your entire life. That college you might want to go to? She can make that go poof. She can get you in trouble with the law. Almost anything. She is an authority figure. Even if you were an adult and in college, this would be an inappropriate relationship. Even if you were a college student the same age as her this type relationship would be inappropriate because she's your teacher and has power over you. However, the fact that you are still a kid and she is an adult makes this not just immoral but dangerous to you.

  43. It’s best if you end it. Tell her that she can get in serious trouble if anybody you or her knows spots yall together, like students and other faculty. And yes, you’re being groomed. If you really care about her, it’s best to end the relationship.

  44. And I’ll pitch in as someone who was close to my teachers- I called them by their first names and chatted in between classes and took pictures with them. But the major difference is only one offered her phone number and she specifically said I cannot have it until I am graduated and out of school because even though she’s a motherly figure for me, she knows it’s absolutely inappropriate for a teacher to be texting their student.

  45. Definitely grooming. No one should be texting their teacher or hanging out with them. No teacher should be “touchy” with their student.

  46. What you are doing has to remain a secret if she wants to keep her butt out of prison. You are being groomed.

  47. "She insists on keeping our relationship a secret and to not telling anyone"- you should never have to keep a relationship a secret. Even over 18, if someone is asking you to keep a relationship a secret, its because they are doing something wrong and they know it. There is also no reason for her to get "touchy" with a 17 year old, even if she is a touchy person with her adult friends. There is no reason for her to give you money or cook you food. There is no reason for her to be texting you. She is absolutely crossing ethical and legal boundaries and your friends are right. It actually doesn't matter if her intention is to groom you or just being "nice," this relationship is inappropriate because she is in a position of power (as your teacher) and you are under age. She knows that what she is doing is wrong.

  48. Wants to keep it a secret? You text and call each other for long hours? She’s very touchy and very friendly? Sounds like early stages of grooming to me.

  49. i'm 26f and i can tell you that she is grooming you. you are a literal child in my eyes. you need to walk away and tell your parents or police or someone.

  50. my ex gf was getting groomed and i told her she was and she kept denying it. It was so frustrating and exhausting. Im telling you now, you are getting groomed. Ive literally seen it happen to my ex. She became more and more convinced she wasnt getting groomed as time went on.

  51. The fact that she keeps on insisting your relationship be a secret (and that you acknowledge the fact that it’s kind of strange) should alr tell you that it’s weird. But you already knew that, right?

  52. Honestly if you guys aren’t having sex I can see her just being lonely and latching on to you for companionship. Is it weird, yes. A little in appropriate, maybe, but as long as it stays out of the bedroom, I don’t think it’s to big of a deal.

  53. Tbh? Rather than passing judgment myself, I would advise that you research what grooming is and the red flags associated with it and use this knowledge to form your opinion. Of course, consult the council—your friends are looking out for you. And do NOT give your teacher the benefit of the doubt. If you notice some sus shit, call it what it is. Dont be like "oh no, but it could be xyz, she could never do that." Cause, news flash, she probs already is.

  54. first sentence. In no Universe a college graduate would look at a high schooler sexually or romantically and it not be pedophilic or creepy. You’re not just getting groomed your ARE groom to not realize how bad the situation you are in already.

  55. Pretty much any time anyone tells you to keep a relationship a secret, they are telling you this because they know they are doing something that will get them in trouble. So, your teacher definitely knows that she can get in trouble for this. Why would she do all these things for you if she knows that it can get her in big trouble? It could be for sex. I suppose it could be for something else. I can't come up with a reason why a woman would risk her job to spend time with a student that isn't bad. So, no, she isn't just being nice.

  56. I read as far as "my math teacher" and knew it was problematic. Friend.- this is not appropriate or healthy for someone your age; this is ESPECIALLY inappropriate for someone her age and in her profession.

  57. I have some friends who are teachers. Anything that may even slightly seem like an inappropriate relationship outside of school they can't do because they will lose their job, especially if they are one-on-one with the student outside of school hours. It's not appropriate what she's doing and she could ruin her career, her marriage, and her life in general. That's why she wants you to keep it a secret. She knows what she is doing is wrong because every teacher receives training telling them to not do exactly what she's doing.

  58. you are getting groomed, and she’s insisting on keeping it a secret because she can lose her job. she also probably doesnt want anyone to know that she’s a creep

  59. I was a teacher once. The guidelines that teachers need to religiously follow is they cannot and should not develop a relationship outside of the classroom with any student under their care. If the student and teacher have a relationship prior to meeting in the classroom the then that relationship can continue but must not get any closer until they are no longer in a position of power over the student. Anything less than this standard is an illegal abuse of power. If the relationship has any physical or romantic component than it is grooming regardless of consent because you cannot morally nor legally consent with someone who is in a position of power over you

  60. I understand that this may be confusing to you and you may think that she has good intentions but the way she is acting is extremely inappropriate and wrong and I think you need to talk to someone about it. And you have done nothing wrong btw

  61. Better to be safe than sorry and completely cut contact with her and believe your friends. You can have other relationships with other people. But even if she doesn’t like you like that, it’s still inappropriate to have any type of relationship or friendship between a teacher and student. It’s like a boss and subordinate relationship. There’s obviously power play here, and you need to stay away from her just in case she actually is grooming you. Again, you don’t know her intentions. It could just be something innocent! But do you really want to risk that? You could be in danger. And she doesn’t want other people to know about it because she definitely has the wrong intentions.

  62. Yes, you are getting groomed. You are a minor. She is an adult. She is in a position of authority. It needs to stop ASAP. Look up Mary Kay Letourneau.

  63. Yeah dude this is wildly inappropriate and this woman is not stable I promise you. She gets off on you being young and in “need” of her help. Once that’s no longer a need or you get older, she will move on to another young boy. I’m sorry. I wish you the best. Maybe you could find a support group for teens living on their own?

  64. As a high school teacher, I can say that there is never a situation in which a teacher should be socially interacting with a student (outside of school sponsored events as a chaperone or such), and she is telling you to keep it a secret because she knows this. Whether she has further inappropriate plans for you or not, she is already out of bounds and she knows it. Please tell your parent(s) and stop seeing her outside of school right away. I would also suggest going to talk to your principal about this, but it would be better if you had a parent go with you.

  65. Any time someone wants you to keep something a secret, the other person knows it's wrong. Even if she isn't doing it on purpose, this is a grooming situation simply because she is in a position of power over you and is 9 years older. Listen to your friend.

  66. Well… the reason to keep it a secret is because it would destroy her career and life… it’s actually not strange in the slightest that she would want to keep the relationship secret.

  67. She knows she is crossing boundaries and the relationship is inappropriate. I would stop seeing her outside of school before things go further. Seems like you are in denial, but you are a child so it’s not your role to know that this is wrong and stop it.

  68. when i read your age gap i very quickly realized why your friend is concerned. if this girl was 18/19, i wouldn't care. anything over 20 is pushing it for me personally, ESPECIALLY 26. take it from me who got with a 26 year old when i was 17. spoiler alert, he WAS grooming me and i had to be the one to break it off, even if i eventually got blamed for his "negative response" in the end

  69. Idk the fact that you text, spend time together, open up to each other, and even hanging at your house together alone. She’s an adult and you’re a minor. No matter gender this is weird. I don’t necessarily know if she is grooming you, but the fact that someone that is in theory in a power position over you is trying to pursue an outside relationship with you, no matter her intentions, is weird.

  70. She is being nice to you, but even if this feels like the best thing ever and makes you happy, it is still an inappropraite relationship that needs to end. The nature of grooming is that you don't realise what is happening either ever or until you're in too deep. I would be horrified if one of my friends (I'm 22) who are teachers started doing what your teacher is doing - it's highly inappropriate and at least where I live, illegal.

  71. Yall are dense falling for a troll ass account, no other post history. Clearly this person is purposefully giving all the obvious clues of a pedophile lol.

  72. If this relationship was appropriate, she wouldn’t be asking you to keep it a secret. I understand you are confused, but this isn’t a good situation for you. I recommend ceasing all contact with her outside of class and talking to a trusted adult. I’m wishing you the best and I’m so glad you could feel something was off about this situation!

  73. My guy..you’re being groomed. If you weren’t, she wouldn’t ask you to keep it secret, let alone get close to you like this. A teacher is in charge of a student as a parent is. This is almost like dating your parent. Please transfer out of her class or report her. It’s the people who are being groomed who don’t realize it. Please help yourself, get help, nothing abt this is okay

  74. Why is everyone so fucking soft nowadays?? 17 is old enough to go to war and die surely it’s old enough to get down with a hot 26 year old.

  75. I don't know man, when I was in school we were in a bit of a small town and one of my teachers kind of helped fill the empty spot of a father figure for a bit. While he didn't cook for me directly he did invite me over to have dinner with his family and he'd take me out to events with his kids. It's obviously not the popular opinion here but maybe that's closer to what she's trying to do since you mentioned you're living on your own and I'm assuming your mom isn't in the picture since you only mentioned your dad.

  76. Coming from experience - that’s a tier 3 sex offender… RUN AND report it. If not you, it’ll be someone else. She’ll be the next movie on Lifetime…

  77. I literally rolled my eyes when I looked at the first sentence and read the ages. Before reading any further, OP, you are 100% being groomed.

  78. She want to keep it a secret dude for a reason. It’s weird that a 26 year old women is jamming out alone with a 17 year old student

  79. Well the law, whether you agree or disagree with it, says that 17 is not “legal” to do relationship-like things.

  80. She's showing you different treatment from others, asking you to keep your relationship secret, and you talk outside of school via social media. These are red flags of being groomed. I recommend looking at what grooming is because you need to see how the behavior is similar to hers.

  81. Improper appearance is a concern, but you are a 17 year old make who has a not-so-distant in age female interested in you, that isn't grooming, that is chemistry, just wait till she isn't your teacher and wait till you are 18 depending on the age of consent just to be on the safe side.

  82. As a teacher, this is wildly inappropriate. The reason why she has insisted on keeping this a secret is because she would likely lose her teaching license if it were to come out that she was hanging out with an underage student, not even mentioning the rest. Please, please, cease contact with her outside of school and report her to your principal or a trusted adult.

  83. Why would you text your teacher!!!!!!!! Big red flag unless maybe and very not common but maybe In college. Even if there is no malicious intention behind it no grown ass adult should be texting someone like that about very personal things, there are professionals for a reason and people your own age for a reason. It can lead to a lot of harm even if it isn’t sexual

  84. If you feel like there’s something wrong, get out. I’m a dude. If I was 17 and my hot teacher wanted to “hang out” with me, I would have been stoked. Again, if you feel like you’re being groomed or something, get out.

  85. yes, you are! the reason you dont think you are is bc the tactic is working. the reason she doesnt want you to tell anyone is bc its wrong and she will go to jail for being a predator. there are so many guys her age she can find. the reason she likes YOU is bc you are a teenager under her supervision. she has power over you. she could easily threaten you if things go south.

  86. I am a 24f teacher. Please report her to your school's admin. This is highly inappropriate behavior on her part.

  87. Dude your a child and she’s an adult. If you have sex the law defines that as rape. Let that sink in. She is wrong and knows it that’s why she wants to keep things secretive bc she can go to jail and you’ll be a rape victim bc your too naive to realize shes in the wrong and being inappropriate. Change classes if you can. It’ll be a bad idea to get with her trust me,

  88. I am going to get down voted to hell but I mean if you enjoy it just keep doing it. In a year you will be 18 anyways and it will be legal. I wish I gotten with a hot teacher and so do many. You have to keep it a secret tho so she doesn't get fired

  89. So Advice: first cut off meeting with her alone… do not let her come over if alone, if she still does, text a friend or someone to show up asap. Then reduce texting. Clearly, you two do not meet anywhere in public anyway. So then, If she starts to behave like a child who’s favourite toy is being taken away from her - then you have your answer.

  90. Also, please understand that the attraction or care or concern you are feeling towards her is your genuine feelings but the way these feelings were elicited out of you was not genuine.

  91. She's doing a few things that a teacher really shouldn't do. For example, going out to do things and getting touchy? That's really odd for a 26 year old to be hanging out with a 17 year old...

  92. She's Basically just your friend. She probably insists on keeping it secret because it's a teacher and a student hanging out and some may find that strange. As for the touchy part, she probably is like that with everyone as you said. At the end of the day, what happens is your choice though.

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