my girlfriend of over a year broke up with me because she doesn't like the new me

  1. Tell her what you said here. You dont like you either, you're trying to fix yourself and youd appreciate her staying with you and being supportive. Is therapy an option for you?

  2. I'm away on vacation when I get home I will be in therapy. The only problem is she doesn't wanna get involved until I am back to the guy she loves.

  3. I think you should accept that she won't be in your life as your SO anymore. Work on improving yourself, but I wouldn't keep false hope that she will come back for you. and I think you know that. Realize you are going through the stages of grief right now. Reach out to friends and family, not necessarily about the break up but just something uplifting and fun will go a long ways

  4. You gotta fall back. Work on yourself and let her come to you. If you try and plead to get back with her is going to ensure she won’t get back with you. Cause now you look desperate. So don’t talk to her at all. 0 contact. Work on yourself and then she’ll come and she’ll prolly test you to see if you changed and when you do, you’ll pass her test and it will be up to you if you still want her back. Just don’t talk to her rn

  5. I wanna thank everyone for there support and advice. We have things in a amazing understanding and a healthy way to get back into the relationship. Once again thank you all

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