How to confront my bullies. . .

  1. I'd try to not interact with them at all (without ignoring them) and make new friends as soon as you are able. You're busy, polite and that's it. They are essentially strangers and not worth your time to extend the conversation or share any details with.

  2. None of the above. Act new, be better. Act like you've never seen them before, and make them try to be friends with you, not the other way around (unless of course you really want to be friends with them). If they approach you in a hostile manner, just ignore them. It's highschool, people will hold grudges for a day or two then forget it.

  3. Ayee a NC native 🤙🏼 and don’t approach the situation. Just live your life and if the situation finds you, then just act like yourself now. If you run into them keep things short and condescending if you can. And move on

  4. You should just be yourself, be true to who you are. If you don't want to interact with them then don't, be nice but dismissive as if you have better people to be friends with and perhaps you will have different people around you.

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