Delete Snap

  1. Nope, she is projecting because of what she did. Also I would reconsider the relationship with her if she had an affair and now acts like you are going to be the reason if tou two break up.

  2. TBH break up, it ain't worth it. Better break up now than when it's hard to do. People need to stop doing these toxic stuff like this, need to be open and choose personality over, "oh that girl/boy looks sexy" shiz.

  3. Don’t delete it. If it was me I would’ve dropped her once she did that other grimey thing. But if you delete it, she gonna think you weak. So he assertive. Tell her no, and that’s it. Don’t argue with her. Don’t go back and forth. Be cool and collected. If she not with it. Leave her. And she’ll come back to you. And YOULL have all the power. Not her

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