I feel very lonely because i don’t have any friends and my mind keeps on saying i am too ugly to socialise and i agree with it for some reason. I also feel very much depressed sometimes and my anxiety does not go away. What should i do?

  1. The thing is, i do all those things. I play basketball and soccer literally everyday, go out often, talk to girls, but in the end of the day, i still feel depressed. Like i dont know what could make me feel fulfilled

  2. You sound like a youngster. With the ugly thing, I recommend pretending to have thoughts like a bird while looking in the mirror. It sounds soooo stupid, but I did it for like 30-60 seconds and after awhile, you start imagining you’re more attractive, it’s really weird and there’s actual science behind it. Hell, I think I’m more attractive than my partner. If you’re too anxious to just jump the gun and go out, you can try making friends online. You can even try bumble bff, it’s free and matches can happen. Also, learn how to read people’s faces. It helps with understanding the situation and how to react. Learning how to laugh and smile correctly can really help. Also, if you have a monotone voice, try adding some cadence to it or fake being interested. People tend to think you hate them if you’re glaring at them. Anyways, hope this helps a bit. These are just from my own experiences as someone who struggles talking to people and making friends. I have made a close few.

  3. I couldn’t trust anyone with my issues not even my parents because the are very conservative and i was vulnerable once and they did not support me. I would love some advice.

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