So stressed

  1. I deal with this near exact thing on a day to day basis, and it in school was so much worse. Having a healthy outlet is going to be something to help you onto the road of recovery. Personally, I draw and game. Other people work out, sing, play instruments, even just speaking with a therapist can help remove some of that stress. Hell, reading, listening to stories. Almost anything of that nature can be a good healthy outlet. While it may not ‘cure’ you instantaneously, it will help with stress.

  2. I have the same issue. A lot of people told me to treat myself like I would treat anyone else (I wouldn't judge anyone else for most of the things I get embarrassed about doing myself) and that helped a little. Someone also told me once that I can't make genuine friends if I'm not my genuine self, annoyingness included, and even thought that guy was a complete jerk that really stuck with me. I'm still overthinking things a lot but yeah, I don't know if this helps at all but I hope it gets better

  3. The only person thinking about these things is you,, everyone else is wrapped up in their own thoughts about them ,, but more importantly... none of these people matter in terms of impact to your future relationships and career, ,,other than your teachers perhaps, no one's opinion carries any weight because they are no one of importance

  4. There will be several good tips coming from others for this, but what most people don't recommend is a practical, systematic removal and replacement of these comparisons, perceptions, etc, which is what you ultimately will need. I'll lay out some basic guidelines for you that can lead you to being completely confident in your own skin, without thinking about what others think of you at all.

  5. You stop by realizing that you think everyone is judging you, and paying attention to you so they can critique you but the truth is. No one is patting attention, and even if they were they genuinely don’t care enough to think/react to you. So just chill out. Stop masterbating, go outside and get some sun. Do that every day for at least an hour

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