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  1. if you have transportation take a trip to a local park. being around nature and natural light really does help your brain and body. if you're into conservation or just want something to do while you walk you could pick up trash or identify and learn local plants and animals (iNaturalist is a cool app for it). can always invite friends and any dog owners you know

  2. Same. I haven’t done much this summer and I’m constantly feeling guilty about wasting time but I can’t muster much motivation to do anything.

  3. For me, I set an alarm to wake up earlier. Fixed my brain a little, made me less tired all day. A glass of water every morning (I get a dry throat at night, the only benefit is a good reminder) and some food early on are good for giving me the energy to actually get stuff done. Some music and a change in environment (even just laying on the floor instead of the bed) makes it easier to focus on different things and get sucked in. If I don't know what to do, a paper and a pencil are good for doing random stuff until I get bored and think of something better to do. Idk if any of this would work for you but it might, so here ya go

  4. I would suggest photography, maybe give it a try with your phone, if there is a camera laying around your house, even better. I stay up until 4am everyday and binge-watch Netflix all day in the Summer, nothing wrong with it, but then again, it is the summer, photography will urge you to travel places, long walk, finding moment in the crowd while also being by yourself. Maybe give it a try

  5. This happened to me one summer. One of the ways I dealt with it was that I decided to learn how to cook/bake. I would cook at least 1-2 meals every day for my family and I would try to constantly use new recipes and make new dishes. For me, it was really helpful in feeling productive because it gave me a new goal to strive for every day. I also gained a useful life skill from it.

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