I [16M] love my girlfriend but I hate being in a relationship.

  1. Well this isn’t gonna feel great. But I think that the relationship should end. Hear me out. You’re at an age that your hormones and emotions are playing tricks on you. You feel more in love than is actually realistic. There’s a reason why statistics have shown teen relationships don’t last. You are still becoming a person. You may love her now, but in the next, 14 years of your life or so you’re going to change a lot. As will she. The person you become later may not want to be with her. I would recommend dating lots of people. The more people we date and have relationships with the more we grow ourselves. That is also how we gain some of our greatest traits: empathy, confidence, humility, social cues, etc. It will be painful and to be honest you will probably feel like your world is ending and you’ll never be happy again. Remember, those are chemical interactions in your brain. They come and go like the wind. You’ll be ok. This is just my opinion of course, I don’t there there is a definite right or wrong decision.

  2. Just as you would and should laugh with her and with your friends, she should too. Wishing her to smile just because of you is not healthy.

  3. I meant more along the lines of if she started to see another partner it would kill me to see them together, her having fun with friends doesn’t bother me. I do enjoy my time with her but I can’t help but feel I would prefer to be single but I couldn’t bare to lose her. I know it makes no sense

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