being extorted for nudes plz help

  1. Easier to make a report to NCMEC. They deal with this type of stuff and will send the report out to law enforcement.

  2. If you know this person personally, take it to the police. It’s criminal to have nudes of underaged children. Afterwards, sue for defamation of character.

  3. You need to go straight to an adult you trust and if possible go to the police. You sent a nude and you may face repercussions for doing so from your parents, which I know will suck, but this person extorting you will not stop. This other person can face serious consequences for possession of child porn and extortion, but only if you report them. It's a difficult choice to make but it'll be the best outcome.

  4. the person blackmailing you is in way more trouble for owning a pic of a naked minor, go to the police with a trusted adult and explain your situation, we all did stupid shit as minors but the person blackmailing you is even dumber because they now own child porn

  5. Unless you commit some serious crimes that hurt people there's nothing you can do at your age that will ruin your life, tho I understand it may feel that way. The mistake you made is so unbelievably common that I can promise you no matter what this person does, in the long run it's just going to be a bruise to your pride and a good learning experience. You are better off sucking it up and going to a responsible adult immediately and asking for help. Sending you strength hon, hang tight the embarrassment is only temporary!

  6. Please if you feel comfortable talk to an adult or alert the police. I am so sorry this is happening to you.

  7. So, as a minor yourself you can't get in trouble for sending a photo of yourself (I just literally went through this this year with my daughter who is your age) and the recipient won't get in trouble so long as 1- they are also a minor 2- they didn't obtain it through coercive means and lies and 3- if they don't distribute it, which is what they are threatening to do. While receiving an image of a youth who is in a compromising position they will absolutely face charges if they use that image to blackmail you, use it as revenge porn or distribute it to others without your consent but even with consent it's still against the law to distribute child pornography.

  8. This is a scam. Ignore them. They hold a nude of a minor so the transmission of that nude to someone puts them in big trouble. Theses people on Snapchat do this to scare you into paying them money. That’s what the want to do, scare you. It is very unlikely that they will send it because that takes time and effort and they want to put that into finding another victim to scare on the chance they will pay up.

  9. Wait lol, I'm looking at ur post history and one, ur a 21f, 2 ur a hs guy looking for advice on a girl who rejected u for prom, 3 ur waiting for ur seaman bf to come home from sea.

  10. i’m not a 21 year old woman this is my throwaway, and i couldn’t care less about karma i need the advice

  11. Ignore her, if the pictures are of you as a minor then basically you have the upper hand as you should report her for having child porn. Stupid idiot just got herself in a bad spot herself

  12. thank you, that’s what i figured about the money too is that the more i send the more she’ll want

  13. I can imagine. Its awful. Was in a similar situation when I was younger but without the money part.

  14. go to police, i know it seems embarrassing but they can help you way more than just yourself. you won’t be in trouble for sending but if they get caught with your photos or anything showing them blackmailing you they will be in a HELLSTORM. take screenshots too

  15. Tell them to back off or you will report them for possession of child pornography and extortion. If they do end up spreading the photo around then ruin their life and actually report them to the police. Don't be ashamed.

  16. There is no way your going to get In trouble your a minor who was manipulated into sending nudes, aka child pornography to someone, the person who has it will get in SERIOUS trouble especially if they are an adult. If they are an adult you could even ask for your money back or say you will report them for blackmail and holding child pornography

  17. It’s blackmail, extortion, and child p*rn on her end, so if she ever pops up again just give her that casual reminder and she’ll disappear.

  18. How old is the person extorting you? As long as they're over 16 call the police! Even if they're not! They'll be charged with having child porno with intent to distribute in no time. Bud.... they should be paying you unless they wanna go to jail. Please don't take this lightly. Talk to your parents, and contact your local police.

  19. Contact the FBI. This person might be chargeable with blackmail, wire fraud (if they live in another state), and a bunch of different child pornography offenses. They can subpoena the person's IP address from social media, email providers, and ISPs to track them down. You want this person stopped so they can't spread those pics of you all over the internet.

  20. Having and trying t9 distribute child porn is a huge serious crime (in the usa) go to the police and or an adult you trust (it may be awkward but do it anyway) they will be in really serious trouble where you will just have your parents mad or something. My advice is based on the us only idk how it is other places

  21. I’m at an age now where I’d probably just release my own nude calendar in protest. Go ahead sister, let them see me in my feminine glory. I am woman.

  22. Go to the police, you are a minor and besides that you cant be charged with anything proven you are not the one distributing child pornography. Investigation will soon take place and the wrongdoer will face charges. Not a question of if they get caught more than when. Trust me these people dont get away. Provide every piece of evidence so that both you are in the clear and the extorter has a case that can be built against him. Sorry this happened to you.

  23. Bro dont pay lmao if she posts them HER life will get ruined 😭 and if ppl see ur dick nothing will happen lmao might be a lil embarrassing but no one will mention it,

  24. Op, if you actually know who the person is, tell your parents and then you all can do to the cops. If you don't know who it is, chances are police can't either, and you should just block them. As a minor I fell for it, kept demanding more and more, eventually I stopped and bam, they didn't post anything or send it around. Because it is child porn and they would get prison time (where if others found out they would likely get killed).

  25. Some people are giving REALLY bad advice here ???? If you go to the cops, depending on the state you live in, you will get in trouble for creating and distributing child porn. The law is stupid, they think it will stop kids from things like this, when it’s really adults and revenge porn that are the issue here. No, you do not deserve to be in trouble. But be aware if you go to the police, you will most likely get in trouble

  26. OMG. Contact the police and FBI IMMEDIATELY ! she solicited what amounts to child pornography and is trying extortion and blackmail to terrorize a minor. How many kids has she harmed like this?!!!

  27. Bluff. Say "oh you actually thought I sent you real ones? " then extort them for having the pics, you get rich,

  28. if she sends it out then she can be charged with distribution of child pornography so get at her with the law (obviously i don’t know this bitch but it seems like she’s bluffing to try and get some money)

  29. thank you, that’s how it’s looking to me too, i blocked her a while ago after telling her i’m pressing charges and that she’s gonna be in worse trouble than i would be and figure the best move is to just wait it out

  30. Is this someone you know or someone that goes to your school or is this some random online? Either way you need to report it to your local police and please talk to a trusted adult. Also don’t take photos of yourself like that, you’re just a child..

  31. random person online, and this is the last time i’m sending nudes for a long while if not forever, i’ve seen the writing on the wall

  32. Its a scam, the person you sent money to is probably in another country. Please be safe with your bank account and any info you gave them. Ignore them. don't give anyone money on the Internet, its all lies and scammers. Look it up on YouTube to learn how they work.

  33. She can't "ruin" your life. Embarrass you maybe, but that's about all. However, in order for her to do that by sharing the nude picture, she'd be guilty of distributing child pornography. In fact, just having your picture makes her guilty of possessing child pornography. Turn the tables on this person and report everything to the police, to your parents, to your school counselor. And try not to freak out too much about people seeing that picture. I know you feel ashamed and embarrassed, but really, it's nothing which has not been seen before. Everyone has the same equipment more or less. Ten minutes after seeing your nude photo, most viewers will forget what you look like.

  34. She's in possession of child pornography. Even if you did consent to send them, you didn't consent to distribution. That's 2 things right there you can take her to court on

  35. Report her to the police, you won’t get in any trouble and if a legal case were to be opened your identity would be protected

  36. i seen you updated that u blocked her, good! i hope you thought of police or at least maybe telling your parents? or even better, hers! unfortunately she’s going this to other ppl and will continue to keep doing it…..i reported the person who did it to me….wasn’t comfortable with the police since she was a classmate, but i told someone i trusted (won’t go into it, unless you want to know of course!) and she took care of it!

  37. Take this as an important lesson to not send nudes to anyone and move on. Blocking her is probably enough (if she gets caught she will suffer more) since you can take legal action as other comments have said.

  38. I'm happy you blocked her. Yeah, never negotiate with terrorists: if you pay people who threaten you like that, they'll just keep asking for more and more and dig you deeper and deeper into their trap. You did the best thing you could have done by blocking her.

  39. Tell your mom/dad, go to police, not just block her. You suffer no legal consequences, but might be due for a light scolding--never send nudes of yourself to anyone.

  40. She can catch a charge for child photography AND ransom! Hope youre okie and she either fucks off or gets arrested

  41. Lmao 🤣 this happened to me. Some bitch got me on Skype and showed my dick. Said if I didn’t pay them $500 they’d post it on YouTube and send it to my family. I called YouTube and they said I was the 2nd person that day to call about that. Just ignore it man not to mention there’s a billion dicks on the internet no ones gonna be like that naughtynaughty1228’s dick.

  42. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I’m glad you got good advice. I personally wouldn’t send nudes to anyone, not my friends, not strangers. You never know who will turn on you. Better safe than sorry.

  43. If she posted that or sent it to anyone else it’s distributing child pornography which is a federal offense. If the threat is serious, go to the police. Even if they don’t arrest her it’ll still scare her enough to not do anything

  44. I would report them to the police. I was in a similar situation and I never reported it. He ended up sending to a bunch of my friends. She does technically have child porn even if you sent it with consent. I would recommend to report it

  45. You can throw it back at her and tell her the cops now know she is selling child pornography. Block them and report it to the police.

  46. Don’t pay the money, who’s to say they will delete if you do pay, block and move on. If they release it it’s against the law. They don’t have any other threat after that.

  47. One more piece of advice hon: it is your responsibility to do what's best for you. There shouldn't be any pretty words that get you to take risks (actions) when the other isn't also taking a risk too. I'm a dupe for everything and had to learn to not take action while someone else is only talking

  48. Distribution of child porn is a crime and extortion at that. You have a case so report it to police and lawyer up if need be (i do doubt it but yah always good) don't delete evidence and keep screenshots.

  49. A nude wont ruin your life, as scary as it sounds. You will spanked by your mom like you do when you get bad marks. Maybe a little more this time. That's it. It is her who's become a criminal now. So dont be scared, talk to your parents about it and call the police. Tell your parents you fucked up, you'll be fine.

  50. Yo bro trust me your fine don’t pay her, I’ve been through it too, worst comes to worst your dick is on the internet, that ain’t all that bad, oh no girls get a sneak peak ;)

  51. looks like you got it figured out but for future reference, if they keep it, that’s child porn and they’re legally in the wrong.

  52. Glad you blocked her but please report her too! You're in the right and she is absolutely doing something illegal and dangerous. You can help others by coming forward and reporting her.

  53. Tbh I've had that happened to me before and let le tell you this, even if you send them nothing they won't likely do shit, it's a scare tactic.

  54. Happened to me a few weeks ago. Never pay when being blackmailed. This makes them more relentless because the see that they can get money from you. (For future advice)

  55. So what your gonna do is go to school, find your consouler or a teacher you trust and explain everything, they will get in contact with the police and this person will be charged with child porn and blackmailing, even if this person is a minor they will still get done with some charge or fine

  56. Sorry you had to go through this. Get authorities involved and lock that motherfucker up. Sue them too if you can!

  57. This happened to me. I was in a similar situation where they actually filmed me and were going to send it to my friends but don’t click any links they send for starters. It was an empty threat I told a friend and they never got any videos or anything, so it was just an empty threat getting me into sending a lot of money. Just remember that these scammers have nothing to gain sending out your stuff lol it’s really fucked up and a dirty ass game for them to play sorry u had to go through that :/

  58. Hey there. I know this can be really scary. I would make a police report. You can call the non-emergency number for your local police department and you don’t have to tell your parents. Trust me, they will NOT charge you with child porn. If you explain your situation they will help you. They’ve seen this before, and they will see it again. Don’t worry about your pics and stop sending money. They can’t really post them or anything because that’s a MAJOR crime for THEM. In the future, don’t send naked photos. If sending photos is your thing try some sexy clothed pics or show photos to a trusted partner without sending them. Good luck to you. ❤️

  59. This happens to a lot of people. I don’t she’s even in the US so there’s no point of going to the police. My friend refused to pay even though they had his Facebook and figured out who his parents are. They stopped bothering and no repercussions

  60. Report her to the police. Having a nude photo of someone under 18 is illegal unless you are the parent of a 1 year old and took a picture of them in the bath

  61. In old school terms from being trolled, I'm going to share my secret defense mechanism term (please understand this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to with anyone's race. If someone feels offended in extremely sorry but if you read the acronym perhaps you'll also get when some one is hurting you. This is from old online forum culture from many different mixes so please understand) It's an old mix of GTFO AND FRO GRO A FRO ("Get Right Out & F%$# Right Off)

  62. Takes a lot of effort and work to ruin people like that. Something these scumbags don’t want to do, work. All she wants to do is send you threats and get easy money. Call her bluff and tell her you don’t have any more money and she will move on to her next victim. Then report her. If the photos come out to anyone you know, just know people are forgiving.

  63. we’d been talking for a while and she seemed cool, there’s no way to paint this where a portion of the blame isn’t mine, it takes two to tango after all

  64. "got tricked," eh? The amount of effort that goes into pulling out a camera, taking off clothes, snapping pictures, and using phone functions to send the nudes is quite a long series of steps for being merely tricked.

  65. How are you tricked into sending nudes wtf, you're a minor but you stil shouldnt be a dum dum. Also taking nudes of yourself is illegal as is sending them to someone but they are most likely over 18 so they are also breaking the law. Maybe report it to the police??

  66. Why did you even send the photo? Wouldn't common sense say not to do it, you can't exactly be tricked into sending nudes.

  67. Not positive but if she requested nudes of you, a minor and she, an adult, received them then she would be in trouble for having child pornography. If you report to the police that she tricked you and is now blackmailing you then 1000% you are a victim. You haven't done anything criminal.

  68. Others already gave good advice, just don't forget to take photos of all your chats and every personal information you can find on her.

  69. Well.. there's no way to trick someone into sending nudes.. she asked or told you to and you did it, you could have said no or ignored her, please don't make yourself out as a victim. But like someone else said - go to a trusted adult. And make sure they don't tell the police or something, see even though it's a picture of yourself you can still be charged with distributing child pornography

  70. that’s what i was worried about actually, because you’re right i can’t be tricked into sending photos of myself

  71. Literally the same advice as always. Go to the cops. They’re most likely not a minor and now have CP and blackmail is super illegal. Believe me they’re in far deeper shit than you could ever hope to be.

  72. Take it to the police asap. You're a minor and they are breaking the law by possessing it AND by threatening you with it.

  73. OP, please I beg you to go to the police with this and press charges. I’m willing to bet this is absolutely not the first time she’s done this, and god only knows how much money she has stolen from other men. I guarantee she will continue doing this until she faces repercussions for her actions.

  74. She can’t send it to all your contacts and if she does she’s doing something more illegal than she already is. Remove her you’ll be fine.

  75. this is a well known scam and it’s happened to me. Its probably some Indian or African guys extorting you for money.

  76. You actually should get all your electronics taken away and you shouldn’t be allowed on the internet anymore

  77. She is literally in possession of child pornography and is threatening to distribute it. Both are crimes. You could report her to the police and she'd go to jail just for that alone, not even mentioning the fact she's extorting you. Talk to your parents about it and go report her to the police.

  78. From the comments I assume you’re under the age of 18, if you know this person I would get the cops involved. She’s in possession of child pornography & trying to extort you, she is so legally fucked.

  79. This happened to me not long ago. Never send them money because they will just keep trying to get more. The only thing you can do is block and report them.

  80. I was extorted aswell. I paid 100$ then they asked for more i just blocked them. I bunch of family members saw it i just pretend i know nothing. Im above average so i just own it cant bother you if you dont care:|

  81. If the person that is blackmailing you isn't a Minor, you can cause them a great amount of trouble by talking to the police about it. And even if they aren't a minor, and they do or do not post it and etc... they are still have the potential of distributing/being in possession of child pornography

  82. Currently going thru this right now I’m a minor and they are demanding money or they will leak it should I tell my parents or what help me boys kind freaking out

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