Legio Custodes Hetaeron Guard

  1. That is probably one of the best reds I've seen out there, like, dude, the red on those shoulders is absolutely outstanding

  2. Aw man thanks! Would you believe I 100% found it accidentally 😅. I was painting my custodes and just left the shoulder red, and accidentally spilled my tamiya red a little on the table over some dried paint, which happaned to be bronze. I go down the next day and I was like “OoOoOoOoO that’s niiicccccceeee” 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 and proceed to make that the unifying theme. I always go back and forth on whether I should have done them gold or not

  3. Because I own…. Let’s be honest…. A goddamn shield host now (600+ models lol), I have now an abundance of bits that are now overflowing my box lol

  4. Your collection is an inspiration! Thanks for the swell sword idea, I'm gonna have to take it for my guard...Amazing work!

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