How do you keep the Jetbikes on their flyer stand?

  1. Do you still glue the bottom to the base? Cause mine keeps coming off on the base. It stays connected to the bike but not the base

  2. The green one I used citadel plastic glue on and the neck of the stem broke right at the ball. Seemed like it melted through. So I got a new stem and cut the ball off (now the ball is stuck inside) and it just fell off again. I just bought the red guy and he has a similar issue of the ball being stuck inside.

  3. I've found that the clear plastic that those flying stands are made out of at least feel like they're a different type of plastic, so I avoid using plastic glue.

  4. Magnets, as someone who played in the ‘00s and flying stands were eventually more superglue than plastic.

  5. Use plastic cement to attach the stick to the base before attaching the bike to the stick Put super glue on the bottom of the bike and attach it to the stick.

  6. I chopped off the ball and drilled out the model at the correct angle for them to just slip on and friction fit. It's the only way to party with flying bases (trust me, been playing Eldar a long time).

  7. Fill the hole on the underside of the bike with superglue, stick the round nubby bit of the stand in it. Wait for it to dry, clip the bike off the stand, and glue a magnet onto the bike, and another onto the clipped stand, so you can separately transport bikes and stands to save room.

  8. I tried the magnets I had on hand (little squares pulled from dead VCR's) & failed due to the glue type I used (Gorilla Clear Grip), however since it's semi squishy I just went with gluing it in & never bothered gluing the base to the stick & just had a hole drilled in the base for it.

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