Can a mechanic by law hold someones car if they deem it unsafe?

  1. As far as i know, no we can't. At my place we will make you sign a waiver if you want to drive it away and we've told you it's unsafe. To get that kind of reaction though her brakes must have been on metal so... probably a good thing it happened lol

  2. They can’t, call the cops if they aren’t giving your car back or ask to sign a waiver about the brakes, ask to see the breaks if they let you. Either way, get your breaks checked after.

  3. Aha, this is a good one, because the cops will come down, and while they’re there, they may as well defect her car…

  4. There must be no brake pads at all on it. None. They legally probs cant send a car out like that and risk likely accidents. No brakes means peoples lives on the line...and you could come back and sue them

  5. Midas can be owned Nah anyone as they are a franchise. They’ll try make up their own rules. There’s a lot of shit spewed from them.

  6. Not sure about the legality of it, but I can say my fiancee’s car was held once by the mechanic for being unfit to drive. Definitely was the right decision in the end, her prop shaft had broken out of the diff and could have done all sorts of damage left unfixed.

  7. No, but if her brakes were so bad they felt they had to stop her from driving it than it’s probably for the best. Ultimately your mum would be putting herself in danger

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