Steven Marshall will pledge to build a city arena for concerts and sports to replace the Adelaide Entertainment Centre

  1. Exactly! Throw that money into hospital emergency departments and the SA Ambulance Service. They need it the most at the moment. I'd rather be able to get to the hospital when I need to than be a bit closer to the casino when I see a show.

  2. Came here to say the same thing. We have Adelaide Oval and the Ent Cent. They do a fair job already so why not put some funding towards the emergency services and hospitals?! Jesus it’s so frustrating watching shit like this get announced.

  3. Its all about keeping the construction industry going. If construction falls in Adelaide the unemployment rate skyrockets. Marshal can't afford that politically

  4. The riverfront is getting mighty crowded. Put it on the south end of the CBD to get people moving down that way sometimes.

  5. And I thought this was Brompton? More like idiots that bought in there now complain about people coming an going from a large concert venue they decided to build a multi level apartment complex right fucking next to!

  6. The stadium is nice, but how much would it be used? 7 Netball games and 14 basketball games a year (super netball and NBL) and how many concerts a year? It's nice but seems a very low priority atm. How many concerts and other events would we get that are between 8 and 15k people.

  7. Heaps of concerts (always a few each month at current AEC) and a few more of the bigger acts too. Yes, basketball, netball and maybe a bigger tennis tournament/exhibitions. Also becomes an extension of the Convention Centre so can accommodate bigger conventions and events.

  8. Maybe we could build by far the most expensive hospital on the planet and surely the problem could be solved as a priority somewhere in that kind of project! Oh wait...

  9. Surely the opposite makes more sense politically? Unless you're coming from an angle I'm missing here.

  10. Devastating for Hindmarsh and the areas surrounding in the inner-west, as others have said the CBD and areas around the river are getting very very crowded.

  11. And I very much doubt they'd be putting any more investment into more trams when this housing development starts. The trams are overcrowded at peak times already.

  12. If they're looking at going ahead with this with the aim of getting more and bigger events to the ACC, we absolutely need a rail link to the airport first.

  13. While we have an extreme public housing shortage I will not support this. We have things that need funding NOW.

  14. I'd love to know what the actual policy justification for this is, beyond the obvious announceable for political reasons. Doesn't seem like the AEC is exactly falling apart.

  15. I swear it was upgraded not all that long ago? 10 years at most. Still a fantastic venue. This is such waste when that money could easily go elsewhere.

  16. Yo my thoughts exactly. The second stage was only added in the past couple years? Maybe ten years absolute max.

  17. Nice idea. Meanwhile I'll drive around and count all the unfinished and/or unstarted jobs. here's one. Corner of Grand Junction and Hampstead roads. started last year, land cleared then they fucked off. hasn't seen anything done this year.

  18. ugh. I'm with the others, fund the ambulances and emergency services first, then with all the hundreds of millions of dollars, invest back in the arts, who's budgets have all been slashed or decimated by the last 12months. We don't need anyone sports centre/entertainment Venue, when the essential services and local programs cant afford to function. How completely out of touch

  19. Why...? The Entertainment Centre is plenty close and has a free tram servicing it. Why clear out a nice bit of Linear Park to rebuild something we already have?

  20. Wow. Nearly a whole term in office and this is all they've come up with. Pathetic. They had nearly 2 decades to come up with their vision for SA and they didn't even start thinking about it until they got in.

  21. Why always on the same narrow piece of land? The current centre has a dedicated public transport link, parking in the vicinity, and creates foot traffic for the businesses on port Rd. Why shoehorn its replacement into an over built area destroying the riverbank?

  22. The Entertainment Centre is perfectly adequate. They even put a tram connecting to it for goodness sake. The park and ride gets cars out of the city centre. Bowden railway station was upgraded and nicely connects to the AEC. Why effing waste money on this.

  23. We already have Adelaide Oval for those really large events, the Convention Centre for, well, conventions and the Entertainment Centre for the rest. It's a complete waste of money. Especially since it's public money

  24. We haven't been the festival state for a long time cause everything that comes here gets banned or cancelled.... soundwave a prime example then f1... supercars, etc

  25. I'm a big sporting fan, have memberships with the Crows & 36ers, but it seems the money could be better spent elsewhere.

  26. So much negativity. The current AEC is old and it's facilities are not up to international standards any more. It is still a great venue and serviceable for sure but large events are competing with world class arena's and facilities. There is no hotels within walking distance, limited restaurants, cafes etc. Moving closer to these things makes huge sense when you are looking at bigger conferences, sporting events etc. They will also be increasing capacity and be able to utilise the facilities in conjunction with the convention centre. Think events like AMWAY or Tupperware when the international market opens back up. These bring in 10's of thousands of attendees from all over the world and don't even look at adelaide because we don't have the space currently. We will with this project.

  27. Haven't been to the AEC in forever so I can't agree/disagree on that point, but RE the lacking external facilities wouldn't it be cheaper and more efficient to build out that area next to the AEC vs rebuilding the whole building in the city where any sort of work is much more directly and indirectly expensive?

  28. Hotels are 2 minutes via tram away... it’d be significantly cheaper to upgrade whatever needs upgrading there. The “hundreds of millions” could be absolutely better spent on things this city actually needs. We don’t need more build up in the cbd. Plenty already there. Having stuff just outside the city limits is good for surrounding suburbs and their local economies.

  29. It's connected to the tram line, so access to services and lodgement is a null issue.

  30. Yeah this pretty much, looking forward to seeing more about it. We always need foresight with this kind of thing. Anyway this place is going to be super negative about anything to do with the Liberal party building anything literally no matter what, not anywhere as hysterically as

  31. Seems a bit pointless, Would have thought if they need to boost infrastructure could extend the tram to north Adelaide or extend the O-barn

  32. Great move. We're already missing out on many international acts as 7,500 is just not big enough. It's just reality. Great that it will also be suitable for tennis. Should allow us to attract bigger events and players.

  33. No one wants to tour Adelaide because the money isn't worth it. This isn't 2006 when our dollar made touring lucrative.

  34. Bullshit, we miss out on international acts because people don't rush to buy tickets,plain and simple, it's a welll discussed topic in promoter circles if you had half an idea, rather than just regurgitate government talking points on this.

  35. Could work, as someone who has lived in many large cities the placement of the Adelaide Entertainment Center kilometers from the center of Adelaide ( pun intended ) has always puzzled me.

  36. Maybe I’m just getting old but that’s one of the advantages for me. There’s free street parking and it’s easy to get out once the event is over. In the city, suddenly you’re dealing with overpriced car parks, cbd traffic, etc.

  37. The entertainment centre is still close enough, is serviced directly by tram and a short walk by rail not to mention buses as well.

  38. While your there Marshall, could you have a look at a new modern soccer-specific stadium with wrap-around roof.

  39. The Germans have a proverb for building: “Organisation vor Elektronik vor Beton”, organisation before electronics before concrete.

  40. Meanwhile the dv continues, the child abuse, the suicides, homelessness..........but feed the masses bread and circuses and all this goes away.

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