This crap is exactly why I will never subscribe to Adelaidenow

  1. Even without the Princess Di/Schappelle stuff, the fact that they employ Joe Hildebrand should be enough reason to never give them a cent.

  2. I know a lot of people who believe she was innocent. I think thats the reason why Schappelle has stayed prominent in the media over the years. I didnt follow her case closely but I remember there were a few things that didnt add up.

  3. On the topic of Adelaide Now and News Corp, Don't forget about the petition for the diversity of Australian News Media everyone. If we have more individually owned media organisations it helps to stop media outlets getting away with posting non-news stories and bias content through positive competition.

  4. From what I've worked ou, the show is 50% people who did something with their life, and 50% people that lied, chested and stole their way into headlines, or are just known because of mummy and daddy.

  5. It is run along the lines of the SAS (or Special Forces) Selection Course, not anything like being in the actual SAS per se. Though the ongoing training and courses if accepted into the SAS would be of a similar gruelling nature. Only difference with this selection course is that the celebrities are not serving soldiers, which is the case with the real SAS. And (I presume) it’s ex British SAS Instructors running it, not ex Australian SAS.

  6. Why the fuck is she getting publicity, being put in TV shows as a celebrity etc? She's just some idiot that went to prison, no celebrity in my eyes

  7. Australians are not legally permitted to profit from anything related to something they were convicted for. She has very little chance of being a contributing member of society, who is gonna employ her, and if she tried to become self employed not many people would give her their business. She is pretty stuck.

  8. Sir Archibald David Sterling would kill himself if he saw the special forces unit he founded be reduced to this, z-list celebrities trying to join the SAS lol.

  9. What kind of society are we living in that a fucking drug smuggler gets a heap of media attention and glorification? FFS

  10. Imagine completing four years of uni, struggling to get a Cadetship and then building a profile of free articles to hopefully earn one of only a few paid places at a mast head to end up writing garbage with headlines like this... ? I mean there isn’t even an angle you could wedge this in as news, it’s a fucking woman’s weekly article, and not the good woman’s weekly from the 80’s with cake, the trashy one from the late 00’s when they’d already given up

  11. Ha wow that’s quite the comparison. Adelaide you’ve done it again 🤣🤣🤣 #WhatALoadOfHorseShit

  12. Joe Hildebrand is the lowest form of journalist who is so out of touch with Australia it makes no sense that people read him at all other than falling prey for his flamboyant provocations.

  13. It does have its good points... being the greatest comic book in the world, for one. Joe Hildebrand is just a sensationalist always trying to stir up storms in teacups. He’s the biggest laugh of them all.

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