1. I agree, go OEM. If you aren't doing Track or any racing then I would say save your money and go OEM. I have the PowerStop remanufactured kits with drilled and slotted rotors. The calipers are stock rotors rebuilt with powder coat on them. Rockauto has a very good customer service group and never had issues with getting items Warranty replaced.

  2. Wilwood Dynalite. For about 900, you can get 4 pot front calipers with pads and rotors. Though for some years of rsx you might need a spacer. You will also have to get the stain less steel lines from willwood as well. Some one already did a review on them and they worked great and has no brake fade apparently.

  3. I would opt for TL Brembos+rotors/pads they're your best bang for buck on performance although my calipers needed immediate replacing so I just bought some "performance powder coated calipers" from Amazon and they're good for daily driving they look good just not the best performance

  4. Best bang for your buck is pads and tires. Bigger calipers or rotors don't increase braking performance nearly as much, and will make braking much worse without proper brake bias adjustment.

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