Question my oil like just flash and my maintenance like flashing does that mean the oil is low or I just need the oil change motor at 280k miles

  1. Oil light flashing means pull over immediately, turn off the car, and dont drive till you have it sorted. It isn't a normal maintenance indicator. Something is really wrong and it could kill your engine. At a minimum, check that you have the right amount of oil in the car.

  2. Yeah, from what I've read that oil light comes on late, and if it's on something is more than bad. Immediately check your oil level on the dipstick. I read someone had their light come on then they checked and there wasn't any oil on the dipstick, it was almost empty, that's how late the light was. Check it right away.

  3. If your oil light is flashing and stays on, you might have more serious problem than low oil. Most times oil light means your levels are super low and it can't build proper pressure. How many times does it flash before it stays steady lit?

  4. At 280k I'd say it's over due for an oil change. /s I recommend checking it at least once a week, while it's completely flat super important

  5. Try to hit vtec. If it doesn’t work, you have low oil pressure. Really floor it though, get the revs as high as possible and se did vtec engages

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