What coil overs do you guys recommend?

  1. I really want to try progress, but I need oem hardware my God speed mono ss are dogshit for daily driving constant stress of going 3 wheels on my driveway 😅

  2. i have never experienced Progress coilovers nor have I tracked my car, but the tein flex Z coilovers have been amazing for the 10k miles I have on them.

  3. hi bran donger i just wanted to say your flairs for cars that you own is immensely cool, and i am desperately jealous. Sincerely a poor skyline owner

  4. good bang for your buck is the BC Racing BR series. I have sold dozens of sets, every one is happy. For extra style points you can get the extreme lows - but those are for cars that have other suspension and steering mods - like drop knuckles and other shiz to keep handling mint.

  5. Duude i love xs_company. That’s where i’ll be getting my potential KW V2s for my dc5 and have them dial it in since im local

  6. for the average enthusiast yes. Otherwise you are going into the air-bag suspension world. Which is expensive and can be super problematic. Although airing out does look cool.

  7. Fortune Auto. I’ve had them on my FG1 Civic for about 7 months now and are amazing. Also rebuildable and upgradeable too unlike most if not all others on the market

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