A Real Housewife of Orange County Running That 3-Wheel Motion on the 405

  1. The commentary, the cinematography (those zoom ins on the brakes), the editing, the plot - is she on drugs? Is she just crazy? Is she in shock after a cancer diagnosis?!

  2. Yeah he did a great job of recording to the left of him and zooming in while driving down the highway. Thankfully he didnt crash and cause another accident on top of this.

  3. When you start the day with a full bottle of Chardonnay and a thick rail of crushed Xanax you'd be surprised the amount of bullshit you just don't give a fuck about anymore.

  4. You just think "lol stupid ass karen" but then you listen to her and can't help but feel bad for her; poor woman

  5. Pancreatic cancer is an absolute bitch. If she just got that diagnosis, she may be in shock and certainly not in any condition to operate vehicle.

  6. People always just assume it's hard drugs or painkillers but there are tons and tons of other normally boring medications that can have crazy ass effects when mixed together or mixed with other normal everyday substances.....

  7. My friend died from pancreatic cancer… I feel so bad for her. She is in shock, and so much distress it has taken over her mental state. I can only imagine what was racing through her head after getting that news. No one should be alone to receive news like that… My heart goes out to her…

  8. She was probably in so much pain, hence the drugs. Then when you pair that with a cancer diagnosis, trauma city. She’s in complete shock.

  9. Some women the wrong doctors get ahold of. They face a difficult time in their life and their normal emotions are brought to the surface. It can be much more vivid than it is in men and the doctors will just script them xanax or klonopin and they will take it without even being told that benzodiazapines can be deadly to withdrawal off of. Over time their dosage is increased and then they complain to the doctor that they are tired or down all the time and the doctor scripts them adderall on top of the benzo. This sends most human minds into mania over time. One drug is telling your brain to go up the other is telling it to go down and then you have all of your harsh reality pressing down on you. This is how someone like the woman in this video ends up obliviously driving on no wheel down the road.

  10. Do people really just take drugs without looking it up? When on Xanax I knew of the changes it made to me and how I would act, I choose to not really go out in public when I was really on it. There is definitely a divide in people who understand that they are on something and those who think nothing could make them act out of control, I don’t know if it’s pride or ego but I’ve noticed it very often from booze to drugs.

  11. Except he's wrong. If I had a choice between car wreck and pancreatic cancer, I'm choosing car wreck every time. About 95% of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer die from it. The percentage of car wrecks that are fatal is a little under 1%.

  12. Thinking she hit a curb, blew the tire, shredded the tire. Changed the tire, didn't put the lugs on the spare. That came off and tore the side of her car up,...

  13. First off the camera guy is really handsome lol but he's 100% right she was sky high on painkillers. Trust me

  14. Just wandering, is it legal to film using your phone while driving in the USA? We get fined for even just holding it lol.

  15. The actions in this video have no excuse. She should see consequences for it. But you can still feel bad for her, having a diagnoses that basically entails a death sentence isn't easy to cope with.

  16. Poor lady she must have been in shock and thought she could made it home. No excuse of the action and she is responsible for any damage or injuries that could have occurred. But thankfully she didn’t. One can only imagine your state of mind getting such a diagnosis and then being send home. The damage to her car is super weird btw.

  17. Holy shit she's crazy but hearing how she got cancer and her saying "I don't think I can beat it" she's probably in that mind set of no care in the world. Hope she gets better and learns from her mistakes. Luckily no one seems to have gotten hurt.

  18. I think when you’re recording evidence of a crash, a car driving on three wheels, and potential DUI, they’d probably let it slide

  19. Good catch. He mentioned that the butt dart (cyclist) could have got splattered if it had of come across this lady in motion.

  20. I know a lot of really rich women now (grew up poor) and it astonishes me the insane crimes they commit on a daily basis with zero consequences. They almost face no consequences from anything they do, like anything.

  21. Nice work in stating the obvious. I’d say those mistakes were fair given he’s pulling up on it from behind, driving, filming, and commentating the situation at the same time.

  22. Cameraman did amazing in this situation with someone clearly not all right in the head, telling her to get out is completely justified in this situation.

  23. I think the cameraman acted perfectly in this situation. It sucks that she was diagnosed but that doesn't mean that any of her wrongdoing is just okay. She could have seriously injured someone, including herself. Cameraman did exactly what I would want to do in that situation

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