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  1. Well when that utility belt leads to a lynch mob coming after you half the time I'm unsurprised. Hell I'm surprised that they even decided to go after the guy at all with that in mind.

  2. Because they know if they try to actually use force they will lose their jobs and be called racist. I'm fucking sick of this. People care more about feelings than actual violent behavior. Always remember : The same politicians and lobbyists that wanted to defund police also want to do all they can to chip away your rights to self defense. They want you defenseless. This scumbag will be out in a few months to do this or perhaps worse.

  3. How do two men with police batons lose to some guy you ask? The answer is drugs. That man is on a lot of drugs and can’t feel a thing

  4. Those cops were old, weak, and one was pretty fat. Old fat men and women have no business working law enforcement. Dude could have easily won a 2 v 1 boxing match, he had the age and reach on them both.

  5. Aren't they supposed to go for the legs so they can take him down? They kept whacking him up high and not accomplishing anything

  6. The fact they're built like suburban little league dads might also have something to do with it. Cops were gassed 5 seconds into the altercation. Look how slow and awkward they are. The skinnier one had what looks like literal lead feet and the shorter fatter one was barely able to walk upright looking like he was gonna topple over at any ment cause of his weight.

  7. This video is exactly how / why unarmed people get shot by law enforcement. When dealing with a fist fight anybody can get dropped with one shot. Law Enforcement do not need to fight "fair" ANY streetfight can be a fight to the death.

  8. No one is saying they need to fight fair. Both of these dudes have mace, tasers, and radios that could turn this fight into a 6 on 1 in a matter of seconds.

  9. No one needed to be shot here. I can think of plenty of situations where I'd probably shoot somebody who was unarmed but this one really isn't it. I mean it was two-on-one, the cops both had night sticks, backup was in route, all they had to do is really stall for time if they couldn't get him down.

  10. The fact that 2 cops are incapable of handling 1 guy with all their equipment just shows lack of competence on their side. Def doesn't justify use of lethal force

  11. I'd agree if these two didn't look like Abbott and Costello. Firearms weren't necessary in this situation, physical fitness was.

  12. The media narrative that police are dangerous and evil and should be resisted at every opportunity doesn't help either.

  13. there's no reason to shoot him in this scenario. the fact that they were able to arrest him without anyone dead proves it

  14. My cousin works for LAPD, and even though it’s some years away, he told me to stay out of Los Angeles before the Olympics start in 2028. They have to relocate the homeless so the world doesn’t see that we have a homeless problem. There is going to be a lot push back like this in the video.

  15. Yeah lmao, wasn't even necessary at that point, guy had already surrendered. At this point it was just about the cop getting some feel good revenge lol

  16. He was really squabbling with the cops. They didn’t know what to do when he was clean with the hands.

  17. Big respect to the cops because they could have drawn on that dude with the ease. That guy doesn’t realise how lucky he is to be alive right now 😕

  18. So apparently they don’t train how to use night sticks anymore. Light swing and give up wasn’t in any of the training I’ve ever seen.

  19. The two handed baton swing does not work, so he baton isn’t long enough it’s meant to be used with one hand isn’t it?

  20. What happens when you drive competent law enforcement away with defunding, persecution for enforcing the law, and corrupt DAs.

  21. So happy to see our "heros" chose fists over guns. It was a 2v1 and they always have backup they new they'd get him in the end and thankfully alive.

  22. Holy shit m, the two cops that were there at first did a pathetic job and while I can’t say I’m a fighting expert, I can’t say they know how to fight either

  23. So, in case cops non lethal weapons (not using a gun) don’t work then they’re only option’s wait for backup and helicopters so one of them can tase the person they’re attempting to arrest? Not actually teach them some form of hand to hand combat in order to defend themselves and/or restrain someone? Interesting 🤔🤦‍♂️

  24. The cop with the long sleeves is a rookie. I’ll give him props for keeping his cool and no going to his handgun. He decided to throw fists

  25. Most people don't realize that police are not taught how to fight. The police forces do not want police punching people. It looks bad to civilians. They are instead taught to use those nightsticks to hit pain points on the body where they will cause no real damage but hurt (supposedly). Given this, and given many police are not exactly in great shape (nor paid to be) and most are older or female while those they go after are often young, strong and experienced fighters, well, they can't handle these guys without a lot of help, or at least a tazer.

  26. Everybody saying use your gun until the cops use their gun then it's you didn't have to shoot him use your stun gun until that kills then its use your club until...well you get the picture. Either way those dudes should lose their badges based solely on embarrassment alone.

  27. Since it is LA, I expect some of the cops to be waiting in a cell for him without their uniforms on so they looks just like any other prisoner. Once he is locked in with them, they teach him a lesson about fighting cops. Once he is released, he can try to complain about how the guards let him get beat up, but there will be no evidence it was the cops who did it.

  28. You people struggle to hide your racism. You want so badly to be overtly racist, but you can't haha. Too scared to say what you really want to say without getting banned because you need this space to validate your ignorance and hatred. Just super pathetic all around lol.

  29. I feel like at the 30 second mark the entire situation should end. The cops should just like toss a head nod maybe shake his hand and say good day. He won. Altercation is over my man. Whatever he did ain't worth getting your bitchass beat down by some guy who can hardly throw a punch then he fortnite dancing on you....

  30. "Fist fights for freedom" sounds like a great movie. Terrible way to enforce the law. All that does is encourage every thug to resist arrest. And every thug's lawyer to complain about police brutality.

  31. Lmao what an embarrassment. These cops are overweight and need to work on their hand to hand combat skills.

  32. Love that they are both bald lol. This is the perfect depiction of jackboot thugs beings getting a dose of there own medicine. Sprised they didn't do their little privacy pileup so they could get there cheap shot licks in

  33. They do. If one of these cops were alone I imagine they would've gone to less lethal then service weapon if the less lethal failed, if not just draw the service weapon immediately. Can't get incapacitated and give them a chance to steal the gun.

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