Woman attacks camera crew with a hoe

  1. Interesting. You see, I would have just told them to go away, and then escalated the situation if they were being problematic in any way, rather than randomly assaulting a bunch of harmless journalists.

  2. Y’all are some easily triggered folk on this sub. In what world is her response ok? Bunch of edge lords in this comment section.

  3. You can use deadly force against someone attempting to enter your home or otherwise threatening you. You can’t use deadly force just because you don’t like someone knocking on your door.

  4. Now I won't say I don't get her reaction. But attacking someone with what could very well be a deadly weapon all because they knocked on your door is absolutely not a good thing. This isn't trespass in Florida. You're full of more shit than a portapotty.

  5. People on reddit arguing about what the 'right thing to do' in any physical situation, meanwhile they never leave the house and are on their computer all day, and have NEVER been in any sort of physical situation before. It is hilarious honestly

  6. Wtf, that's not trespassing until she tells them to leave, which she didn't before swinging a gardening tool and hitting the cameraman. This is simply a Karen.

  7. Random people showing up on your doorstep are not automatically trespassers because they are on your property. You need a sign or at least make it clear where the private part of your property begins, either by informing them beforehand or by making it visually clear. These reporters just went to her doorstep. Regular people do not have to assume that they are not allowed on your doorstep.

  8. Right I’d be pretty pissed if someone was on my lawn with all their goons trying to do all that.. media/journalists/paparazzi need to change their ways this doesn’t fly anymore

  9. I’m with you. This is the only appropriate response when media vultures show up on your property uninvited. Also applies to government officials.

  10. My brother in christ. Something can be wrong morally but legal like what this camera crew did. Reminds me of the hurricane Katrina incident with the reporter in the shelter asking how they feel. I don't think the law agrees with your stipulation that this is trespass Exhibit A:

  11. If, as it appears, this is public housing, it definitely isn’t trespassing to approach and knock on a front door. Even if it isn’t public housing, there’s no law against that.

  12. Get some. Media vultures think they can trespass any time and exploit her life so they can sell more advertising. They got what was coming to them.

  13. Technically approaching the curtilage of the house (the porch or front door) is not trespassing as long as it’s not posted as “no trespass”. It is foreseeable and a normal expectation that people approach front doors (neighbors, mail carrier, etc) therefore it’s a protected action. It only becomes trespass if the homeowner gives notice (verbal or otherwise) and that request is refused, she must also give a reasonable amount of time for trespasser to comply. She can’t use unnecessary force to remove or detain a trespasser unless of course there is reasonable belief of imminent grievous bodily harm. So the reporters were not breaking the law or trespassing. Home owner did it all wrong, regardless of how annoying the reporters may be

  14. It's not trespassing until you are told to leave unless there are signs. You can't just open the door swinging, you have to ask them to leave. And this is just a guess here, but I doubt it's okay to say leave and immediately start swinging with a deadly weapon.

  15. LMAO... She opened the door. She had ALL the privacy she wanted inside her house. They weren't trespassing, they fucking knocked. on. her. door.... If this is "invading someone's privacy" to you, then I hope no one ever knocks on your door again... or better yet, you better not knock on anyone else's door ever again or you'll be trespassing... SMH..

  16. So 2 minor girls were sex trafficked and forced to work in a strip club that knew fully well they were underage? Sounds awful, hope they prosecuted those club owners. Not sure why a news crew would be trying to hunt down an underage minor victim, tho.

  17. If I was that camera crew and she opened the door screaming like that I would have immediately dipped. Not stood around.

  18. Not that anyone cares but that’s Cocoa and not Cocoa Beach. Cocoa Beach doesn’t do this type of bullshit, Cocoa does.

  19. “You don’t have to come like that” stop trying to reason with her, she already attacked you. Fucking leave. Idiots trying to end up dead

  20. thank god she started screaming freaking out and swinging a gardening tool, they might have made her look like a fool with those cameras.

  21. I swear some reporters are just dumb af. Second video I see someone say get the fuck out my property and they just stand there telling THEM to calm down like they own the place

  22. Shit wish celebrities did this to paparazzi. No wants a camera in there face. And showing up unannounced oooof. She lucky home girl didnt have the blicky. 🔫🔫

  23. I mean, respect peoples privacy! You don’t walk up on a person’s property with a camera in their face! I can’t say I would have reacted any differently!

  24. Fuck those medias . You get what you deserve for trespassing and shoving bunch of lenses on someone's face who's grieving ..

  25. Not criminal trespassing no matter how much you want to support her actions or despise the reporters for doing what they did.

  26. "We're here at the apartment buildings where random hoe attacks have happened knocking on doors and asking the residents what they think about the police's inability to make leads in this case."

  27. I'm kind of curious by the hoe being right there ready to go. But yeah, the camera crew crossed a line there...it's one thing to record in public, but to go onto someone's private property with cameras rolling without permission? Doubt they'd like it if someone did it at their own homes.

  28. People have all sorts of weird things in their houses. Could be a makeshift weapon she keeps by the front door. And/or has a small vegetable garden out back. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  29. They were definitely harassing that lady, she overreacted, but I don’t blame her for being mad. If a news crew wanted to chill on my front lawn and start filming and open my door I might install sprinklers and borrow a neighbors dog to bark at them. Obnoxious!

  30. Honestly, fuck the news. That's bullshit to roll up on some woman at her front door with two cameras in her face and then call her crazy for reacting to these freaks on her doorstep.

  31. Justifying invasions of privacy and personal spaces because "mah rights." You truly have a lack of standard if you side with the people willingly and openly harassing someone who has nothing to offer them. Your desire to live vicariously through media has given you a disgusting mindset of entitlement to other people's lives and affairs. The moment it was clear this was unwanted all efforts should have ceased. You fuck around you find out, but for most of yall it's only applied when it's in your political or racial compass.

  32. Yes, had seen this before. It was despicable for the media to show up, with camera rolling, at the home of a teenaged victim of sexual exploitation by a strip club operator.

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