Woman hits kid riding his bike on sidewalk

  1. She’s crazy asf. But I do think it’s illegal in most places to ride a bike on the sidewalk. Not usually enforced and for sure totally normal for kids.

  2. I went back to rewatch that part of the video. I have actually been run down by cyclists riding on the sidewalk and completely ignoring stop signs as I crossed the street. Hell I had one hit my dog as we were crossing the street and I wanted to rip his head off his body.

  3. And you knew the moment this kid called out for his mom that Karen knew she fucked up. She immediately goes in damage control mode to try to talk to the mother before the kid got a chance to get a word in.

  4. These days? People always been nuts, 25 years ago i was chased by a neighbor with a axe just because me and my friends were doing ding-dong ditch. And he didnt even get a single charge on his ass and we got berated for "triggering his behavior." People just didnt have cameras ready at the hand as they have these days.

  5. I can't say for sure. And obviously this isn't every one's problem. But I worked retail long enough to know that people simply are not told no enough. People get their way no matter how wrong they are. A lot of businesses just don't want to deal with people flipping shit so they cave. When you go such a long time getting your way you get entitled people like this.

  6. I'm 40. We had an old fucker like this in the hood growing up. We all knew to avoid his house. My dad almost beat the shit out of him one day but the dude was legit 60 plus and my dad was mid 30s. Anyway I guess my point was assholes arent exclusive to one generation.

  7. To me it sounded like Ryan Gosling in drive calmly telling him to get inside before he beats this lady’s elbow with a hammer.

  8. I love how she keeps talking about her being on the HOA board as if the cops will give a shit. All dad needs to do is show them the video and press charges, I mean this Karen just assaulted a minor. Him riding the bike on a sidewalk is no way near any kind of violation like assaulting a minor. I mean at worse they are going to ticket him or take his bike, but she can go to jail.

  9. without knowing the location, not sure how to find it, can you tell wher this might be? other than USA suburb #69

  10. In many places minors are allowed to ride on the sidewalk. And some states don't even have laws against adults riding there if they yield to pedestrians.

  11. The fact she's an HOA member would mean they're gonna be forced to press charges so that way she's kicked off the association and can't fuck them over with her institutionally racist powers

  12. She also says "you want me to hit you again?" So even if someone argues its hard to see her hitting him, you have her blunt admission to it

  13. I love Dad. He gets the kids away from the situation while he assesses what should be done and they can’t talk back to the loon who was big and bad with minors but then starts crying when mom gets involved. Call the bleedin police already

  14. "I'm on the board". Bitches like her are 100% the reason I paid more to live in a NON HOA neighborhood, and when the people who all moved here in the last couple of years (guess where from) tried to start one, EVERYBODY shut them down hard.

  15. I'm looking to move out of one soon. I live across the street from one of these cunts, that just happens to be the President. I get 3-4 "violation" notices every year along with the rest of my neighbors. We just ignore them and laugh at her. There's not a damn thing they can do about it anyway.

  16. If you own a home in a non-HOA neighborhood and your neighbors decide to form one, you can be the only holdout right? There's nothing that would legally require you to participate?

  17. As a non-American who has lived in America for a few years and has learned of HOA's, while I guess I like the concept of keeping a neighborhood to a decent standard, the execution and the fact you actually PAY to be a part of it baffles me.

  18. Sad thing is (not to excuse this pos, tho), many violent people are violent because they were met with violence by the world, especially when young. Not all of them, and it doesn't give anyone carte Blanche. But, that is an unfortunate facet of this.


  20. More stable people have other priorities and no desire to regulate the behavior of others. Those boards are inherently attractive to sociopaths and those with lesser, but pronounced mental defects. On a long enough timeline, HOA boards will be composed exclusively by people like this.

  21. Do people not know ebikes literally just have assisted acceleration they literally do not make the bike faster i.e. higher top speed plus they're heavy as shit.

  22. Women attacking/harrasing young boys is something society doesn't care about. All of friends have stories about middle aged women harassing or attacking them when they were teens.

  23. In most countries it's illegal to ride bikes on the pavement (sidewalk) without there being a specific cycle path there. However most of the time police forces, in most places, ignore kids doing it as it's safer than them riding their bikes on the road.

  24. She accuses him of lying and them flips out when she realizes its recorded. I wouldn't bother talking to her. Call the cops, she assaulted a child, doubt the neighborhood would want a criminal on the board.

  25. "oh. I'll do what I want". This is the most telling sentence. Karens truly believe this and being told they can't do whatever they want is always, 100%, what sets them off into the rage.

  26. Stupid disgusting bitch really turned into some dumbass victim the moment the kid called for his mom. Like his mom is gonna turn on his kid and believe the crazy bitch whining and bitching about something that didn't happen.

  27. Yeah, I'm the more hot headed in my marriage. When I know I won't be able to keep my temper in check, I send my husband. Someone hits my kid, I'm telling my kid to go inside, send dad out, and stay inside. More than likely, momma is going to be in a fight.

  28. Nah call the cops, show them the video. Lady will get cited and possibly escalate to getting herself arrested as she sees nothing wrong with her behavior.

  29. Hit her where it really hurts. Inform the neighborhood of the fact that she was charged with assault and battery of a minor and petition to have her removed from the HOA board. That position seems very close to the center of her sense of self-importance and it will hurt her far worse than a punch to the face.

  30. Battery of a child. Assault is when someone is put in a situation where they may reasonably fear for their safety, like when someone threats to physically harm them. Battery is the act of actually inflicting injury or offensive contact.

  31. Guaranfuckingteed there is a history here of the kid being a little shit, and the crazy karen being a bitch. When assholes collide...

  32. This kid is so well behaved. I would have done something different and my mom would have been ok with it.

  33. I like how the dad just said "Go in son" like It's about to go crazy here and you dont wanna see what happens next

  34. See if that was my kid I would of already been fucked, cuz I would back handed that old bitch across the face then dragged her by her hair into the fucking street 2 the curb where she belongs

  35. He is riding on the sidewalk but she has no power in this situation. You definitely dont hit a kid for doing this aswell. He definitely isn't in the wrong.

  36. This poor mom has dealt with Karen before. But , idc who it is if I child(under say 12ish) comes up to me and says so and so hit me and I have video proof! I fly out out the house and fuck up said person. Keep your hands to yourself, and I will do the same.

  37. She's in the wrong for hitting the kid, but he shouldn't be riding an electric bicycle on the sidewalk, specially when it's dark and there are zero lights on the bike

  38. So would this crazy bitch rather have a child ride his bike on the street potentially risking get hit by a car when there’s a perfectly good side walk?

  39. In my city, bikes are supposed to be on the street. Some consideration is made for young kids, but this kid sounds maybe 12-13? So more than likely he SHOULD be riding in the street, but I can't think of a single cop I know that would cite him for some shit like that given that it's dark and not an adult.

  40. anyone have any more information on what happened or where this occurred so that I can find something on this?

  41. As a dad Step 1: telling the kid to go inside and call cops. Step 2: show cops video Step 3: if cops don’t take care of it, send child back inside, take care of it yourself Step 4: get ready for cops to show back up…worth it

  42. I was really rooting for mom to just start swinging, especially after Karen moved towards the kid again, but then dad comes out and makes me forget I’m not the one he’s talking to with that deadly tone. I’m thinking Karen really fucked up this time.

  43. Here in the Netherlands we have so many well lighting on cycle paths. Maybe you will avoid a lot of hassle if this is just arranged properly.

  44. Cyclists can never win.. when they’re on the road it’s get off the road from drivers.. go on the sidewalk (which is illegal technically) and you get this.

  45. I like how immature everyone's comments are then Dad walks out and says to his son, "get inside" and it's pretty much over after that

  46. put your shopping carts in the cart corral. don't ride bikes on sidewalks. pay the whales. save the teachers. get your fifth booster. never say never.

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