Non CPAs how much are you making ?

  1. Reading these stress me out sometimes. I’m a 12 year experienced accountant with MBA and CPA that’s barely clearing 100k. 35-year old hearing these barely 20 year olds making close to me is crazy! I need to start looking around! Good job and congrats to all though. Keep up the good work.

  2. I was thinking the same thing. I’m 38, MBA/CPA, 8 year experienced tax accountant. I work in private industry as a tax manager and I just got a pay bump to $93k. With my bonus this year I’ll come close to grossing $100k…but these babies make me feel so sad about where I am in life. 😂

  3. My dad was a city attorney. There’s a lot of perks to local gov and I’ve thought about making the move.

  4. Lol that’s pretty good for local government. Go to corporate and you’ll make 30% more. Most corporate jobs I’ve been in are laid back, too.

  5. CFO for company that sells franchises in southeastern US. $150k + 3% equity shares. BS in accounting. Was 5th employee they hired as a bookkeeper for 65k at the time. That was 3 years ago.

  6. I was in public for years, couple controller positions for a couple years. Started my own bookkeeping/ payroll, tax company.

  7. Did you learn tax in public? I've been thinking about offering bookkeeping services on the side but my lack of tax knowledge is a major problem.

  8. It's all about getting a name for yourself. Go to local business leads groups. Ask for referrals, you just have to build it.

  9. What about an enrolled agent? Did you become that? I'm in a similar situation (business structure) but earlier in the process.

  10. Changed my career path, staff accountant job fell into my lap. Local CPA firm, just passed 3 months. I literally do the same thing you’re doing. Do the books/sales tax/payroll tax/quarterly’s/ clients have started contacting me directly for whatever they need, etc. I’m hungry to learn more. Oddly enough, friend of my parents is a controller. Does some books on the side. Told me the SAME thing about easily clearing 100k. How would you guide someone with my experience, or lack thereof, to get to YOUR level? Teach me your ways!

  11. What goes into bookkeeping/payroll, tax company? I’ve been a controller for about 5 years and I’ve always thought that it would be fun to start a company to do bookkeeping for small businesses that have need help but I don’t even know where to begin. Im currently pulling over $130K as a controller and I work a max of 40 hours a week. I feel like I have at least 10-20 hours more a week in me to work.

  12. 95k in Dallas, around 3.5 yoe. Math undergrad and I took basically all undergrad accounting classes in my spare time during my last job but would need 24 more credit hours for the CPA, so I gave up. Working in PA

  13. That doesn’t seem bad for Florida but now it’s become expensive? How are you and everyone around you handling the price increases in nearly everything?

  14. 65k, right outside of Raleigh so MCOL. I am three promotions in at my CPA firm with 3 years experience and just got my masters. Honestly don’t feel I am making enough for the level of responsibility i currently hold. I am thinking about starting my CPA this year but I ultimately I feel I will have to hop jobs to be compensated fairly. Also not sure if I want to stay in accounting or transition to financial analysis.

  15. DM me if you’re looking for a job, my firm is hiring. Also willing to chat on the phone if you’re down!! Also, are you in tax or audit? 65k for 3 years of experience is definitely low.

  16. Man, reading some of the comments makes me really consider if pursuing a CPA is worth or not. I’m 6 years into my career aiming for a senior acct position. If I were to pursue a license, I’d have to go back taking night courses at my local college for the next 2ish years, then study for the exam itself.

  17. Just look at the wide swing in salaries here for people with roughly the same years of experience. If you’re struggling to find a better paying job, the cpa is a good leg up.

  18. Sounds insane but I went frok $65k to $140k 4 months after getting my CPA and switching jobs. Analyst to Manager - startup company. Roughly 6 YOE.

  19. NY (but we are remote and pay the same regardless of location), 4 years, 125k base +10% bonus. i am receiving a promotion/raise but didnt get the updated salary amount yet so tbd

  20. 90k, working fully remote out of Maryland for a company based in NY. Working in SEC Reporting, 2 years of experience.

  21. My pay is low too, but I already knew this. I live in an area that just doesn't pay well for accounting associates. And I have some things in my life that would make uprooting difficult.

  22. LCOL $95k + bonus (12%) + another $15k in 401(k)/HSA contributions. TC of $122k. Oh and industry with 8 years experience

  23. Fintech controller with 12 yrs experience, MS but no CPA, making $150k based in the Mountain West. Hoping to be at $175k and VP of Finance in the next month or two 🤞🏽

  24. 74k. LCOL area in Missouri. Graduated with bachelors in May of 2020 so I’m right at 2 years of experience, plus a couple internships (non-big 4)

  25. $115K + 10% bonus and equity (RSU) as a Sr. Accountant in California with 6 years experience. I work in industry and not public and am fully remote

  26. I'm an independent EA. I have a fully remote financial analyst government contractor job for 75k. Then my SMLLC accounting firm is about to close another CFO client for 90k/yr. My profit margin is around 94% as a solo practicioner and overall profit is around 220k once I close that client. This includes my average tax season as well. Probably going to start hiring soon. All in all, I'm set to make almost 300k/yr this year.

  27. I was a controller, life happened and i had to quit... Intuit only pays $20 an hour. For a bookkeeper... I can make $21 at my local Wendy's...

  28. VHCOL - 107k base, 1.5 years, MS in accounting. No CPA yet because im going to leave accounting career honestly. Hopefully by EOY. It’s not for everyone

  29. What if you just wanted to start in accounting and transition into FP&A? Also if you needed to go back to school and get 25 more credits

  30. 49.5k Accounting Office Supervisor at a small university. No degree. 2.5 years experience. No public. I’ll have a degree soon. Hoping to make a lot more. MCOL.

  31. $75k, Florida, 2 years experience graduated with BS Accounting in 2021. CFO Advisory company (basically bookkeeping and managing client relationships, small company)

  32. Charlotte, 6 years exp, controller for a healthcare company, make little under 90k, way too little for what I’m doing but I’m gaining skills I otherwise would have to wait another 5-10 years to start learning.

  33. I’ve only ever worked in industry and I’m a non CPA with a masters in accounting. I have 20 years experience and I’m at VP level for a public company focused on space and defense. I make $210k plus eligible for 35% bonus based on my and my company’s performance. Receive LTI stock bonus as well as options as well yearly.

  34. I'll put a base line down as I just accepted my first accounting position doing AR/AP. Only retail experience prior to this. $38K, HCOL. No degrees or certifications (working on bachelor's).

  35. $64k. Finance manager at a nonprofit. VHCOL. 8 years experience. I don’t like networking, interviewing, etc., so I’ve been accepting low pay as a means to avoid job hopping. By the looks of these responses I’ve fucked up.

  36. 105K+Bonus as a senior accountant. Was an accounting manager before this for 82.5K + bonus. This job is much less stress, privately owned, no reporting requirements, no covenants, easy work, very secure/safe position too.

  37. $140k base with a 20-30% bonus a year. Controller for a start up company in Colorado. BS in Finance, Masters in Accounting. 7 years of experience.

  38. $71k as Tax Asoicate with 2 years experience. Can't seem to pass a cpa exam. Looking into the EA so I can get promoted.

  39. The thing about having the CPA (and working public accounting most importantly) is you’ve got a good chance of hitting one of these high salaries even if your not naturally a good negotiator, not decent looking, not willing to move jobs, or tend to get complacent.

  40. $675,000/week in Dallas, TX. $1000 a week is from my accounting job and the rest comes from me standing on the corner of Walnut Hill and I 35.

  41. Not seeing any from Canada. How are they in Canada. I think they underpay greatly compared to US. I started at 36k and in 8 years just barely doubled. Extremely HCOL, bachelors, last phase of CPA

  42. Florida, a year of experience, just got promoted from staff accountant to associate, now making $62k plus whatever our pay bump is at the end of the year (likely around $65k I’m hoping). I do plan to get my CPA but haven’t started yet

  43. Southern California, live in LA County but work in Orange County. 11 years of experience (BS in Accounting in 2011). Making $110k as a senior accountant with 10% bonus (discretionary). Never passed CPA (did test a couple times), always worked in industry, from Fortune 500 to small and mid sized companies. Never felt urge to go out and get CPA.

  44. For clarification I did a Macc and everything and decided to take my CFA instead of the CPA. Just graduated taking cfa L1 this year. I got a job out of the Macc at a high volume shop doing Corp Dev. My comp is roughly 90-95 (depends on the bonus) out of school no experience for it. Got extremely lucky landing an interview and getting the job.

  45. HCOL. Started own firm after 15 years in public. CPA. Over 400k annual income in my 2nd year. Likely to double this in 2 more years. I’ll prob stop growing when I hit $1M a year in annual comp. Worked at large firms and livin the best life starting my own smaller firm. Still work a lot but zero stress.

  46. I’m a CPA with 5 years experience working in a HCOL city think (SEA, SF, etc) and I’m only making 73k total comp. I think I’m getting underpaid lol

  47. 18 years experience, non-CPA, in public accounting, tax, audit, bookkeeping. Live in a small town of Victoria Texas and only make $30 per hour. Other than a 3% simple Ira match, no other benefits. I used to pursue the CPA exam but with three kiddos to raise back then (one who was extra difficult) , I eventually gave up. At 47 years old now I’m not interested in pursuing the certification any longer, but still do the work.

  48. There are CPAs that I know that are at 90k-120k and are nearing retirement, experience and networking goes further (not saying the cpa doesn’t help but knowing people does as well)

  49. Personally, it would require going back to school again to get an additional 30 credit hours. And school nearly burned me out just getting my Bachelor's. Not sure I have that in me.

  50. For me personally, I'm not on track to become a CPA because I'm not currently in a state that has the "Once you pass all 4 exams within 18 months, they don't expire" clause and I'm not currently at a job where there's a CPA on staff for the work hour requirements.

  51. Nobody will hire me to do independent work. So I have a CPA license but I’m the benefactor of that tax and investment knowledge. I even offered to do a pro bono audit, and they never got back to me.

  52. Chicago…10+ years experience…in and out of job market…non CPA…$76k…deciding to pursue CPA or side gig a bookkeeping business…🤔

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