Bang ye 🤙

  1. I wanted to point out that it was cruel and blablabla, just to find myself laughing, tears in my eyes after this comment.

  2. He said the dog was OK, but as many people question through the years, they never released another video of the dog after this, I'm just saying, this hole in this story are unsettling for me.

  3. I don’t think the dog is okay. This reminds me of when someone has their off button pushed with a bullet. (I.e. shot in the head) They crumple and then get stiff like that when there’s a very traumatic brain injury that doesn’t cause instantaneous brain death. I think the doggo is dead :/

  4. what'd it die from though? even if you ignore the cause it doesn't really appear injured, and it didn't even go limp/release its bowels

  5. Goats have a similar response to physical trauma it's hilarious, If I remember correctly isn't this the human equivalent of shell shock ?

  6. No, this is the human equivalent of traumatic brain injury. If you see someone get punched or falls on their head or neck, the legs and arms get stiff and can look swisted. Essentially your brain is scrambled from the impact and has to figure itself out, often times unsuccessfully (ie permanent brain damage). Shell shock is literally PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the mental trauma of hearing bombs fall, going off, people dying next to you, it messes people up really bad. Any loud noise or sudden movement triggers the PTSD and their brain thinks it's back in the trenches.

  7. Harmful to his ears isn't it? This wouldn't kill the boy but it would definitely cause him some minor trauma. Explosion was his size and even activated a car alarm..

  8. If this is real FUCK the person for letting this happen (Even if as some of you say the dog is fine). And to be honest if it's real it shouldn't be posted nothing funny or cool about something happening to a dog.

  9. Doesn't seem like it, looking through comments. Apparently, the owner claimed that the dog was fine and went to the vet, but there is no evidence supporting it. The only video of the dog posted after this was it playing in the parking lot with an empty bottle, but it looks suspiciously like the bottle that just blew up. so it seems like it was a video from before this happened..

  10. Yoooo… after seeing an explosion of a building where a guy was climbing out the building, some pile up wrecks where the camera is panned so u can see the people getting deleted and werent able to leave their cars, and a lion taking someone’s arm at a zoo… starting to feel like best gore never shut down they just rebranded😂 like that dog is dead

  11. Even though it was only 3 seconds long, that was easily the funniest thing I've ever seen in reddit. Thank you so much for the laugh!

  12. All yall saying the dog is fine cause there’s no fragments? Bruh the car is going off and the dogs face was on the bottle. That explosion 100% killed the dog

  13. Life hack For taxidermy dog *Step one go to Russia *find a skip near a alcoholic *find brown or green plastic beer bottle 2lt (works best ) at least 2/3 weeks in the sun 1/8 of fermented beer *throw near a dog and car if possible (work fine in living rooms or kitchens too )

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