This absolute beast

  1. Don’t forget actively being filmed to try and become an influencer. I’m sure this was whatever guy was with her, not some rando.

  2. Attention is like air to people, that are typically insecure about themselves. They need the external validation that comes with the attention.

  3. I understand strictly speaking what she's wearing isn't wrong, but how can anyone think that dressing like that is appropriate?

  4. It's appropriate for the same reason she spent copious amounts of money at a breeder to select a type of great Dane. She cut it's ears to have an aesthetic, and now to further her aesthetic she shows her breasts.

  5. And to think I came here to say wow maybe I should get a giant dog so I can exist in the world without being harassed. This comment section is my proof that will never be possible.

  6. There is so much to unpack in this clip. Aside from the huge Dane (beautiful animal but a friend of mine has had four and they come with a whole set of next level responsibilities) and the owner with the tits. Her narcissism just oozes in this picture. I bet she hasn’t had a thought about anyone but herself in the past ten years.

  7. That's Pietra Luccas. Her and her sister Bru are on Instagram and could be worth checking out if you're into really hot sisters dancing provocatively together. If you're not though, consider this a warnjng!

  8. It's a strange feeling when you assume something knowing you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but your assumption is actually completely correct.

  9. Do you know what part of the world this is? Maybe LA? I’ve never seen anyone dressed like this and I lived in Orange County, the fake boobs capital.

  10. I just need to understand , if a woman dresses like this, is it because she wants me to look at her tits or not, plus does this make me an asshole or a suiter?

  11. Tell me you’ve been deprived of attention your whole life without telling me you’ve been deprived of attention your whole life.

  12. She's a small, attractive woman. A dog that large is used as protection. I have a massive pitbull and I always feel safe when he's with me. Good for her!

  13. Damn, so much negative energy being put into degrading this woman for her tits, and none for the dudes with the obnoxious rugged man beards. It's the same level of "Look At Me!", but no hate for that, ehh... Let these gals let their boobies out, and dudes have their cocks out for that matter!!!

  14. Some people in the comments almost make me believe time travel has already been invented; what with the bunch of victorian windbags clutching at their pearls. Women have boobs?!? Scandalous!! What poppycock is this, cover her up and send her back to the kitchen!

  15. Idk why I always wait to read a worthy comment before I go get my free award. I really need to start getting it when I open the app.

  16. She wants attention but not assault. Its really really simple. Most women don't mind being stared at. Some of you won't stop there unless we have a giant dog to bite your grabby hands off.

  17. God forbid a woman ever show any bit of skin without a bunch of neckbeards on reddit calling her an attention whore. JFC y'all need to touch grass.

  18. While you’re all paying attention to how attention seeking she is instead of how well-trained her dog is, she’s also completely not paying attention to how well trained her dog is because her dog is so well trained

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