Fat Joe (left) and Big Pun (right). Pair of absolute units.

  1. Word. I saw him on some recent show--Might've been guest hosting Wendy Williams--and he looked good. Was happy for him. Seems like a good dude.

  2. It really sucked finding out Pun was found dead in the middle of Little Italy. One of my favorites for sure and a career cut short by his health issues. Capital Punishment is an incredible album still.

  3. Pun is my favourite artist. Capital Punishment is such an underrated classic, And one of the best debut rap albums of all time. Gutted that we only got 1 proper album and then a rushed album after he passed. Genuinely could’ve been GOAT material if he had more stuff

  4. One of these gents was just too large for life, living up to his name. The other became fit, ensuring he did not end up the same.

  5. I remember I was in highschool when Big Pun died, people around the school yard said "he bent over to tie his shoes and then fell over". Not sure it thats true but man that rumour made the rounds

  6. Me and my wife patiently waiting for the kid in the wheelchair to reach the tongs for the roast beef at Golden Corral while his parents drown themselves in gravy and ignore him.

  7. https://i2-prod.mirror.co.uk/incoming/article26045193.ece/ALTERNATES/s1200c/0_FILE-PHOTO-North-Korean-leader-Kim-Jong-Un-arrives-in-Vladivostok.jpg

  8. How do people get shoulders that wide? Are they born with them or do they develop them later in life? For the sake of their mother’s baby delivery I hope it’s the latter.

  9. It should be a law that those two should be on opposite sides of the world at any given time. Otherwise we risk the Earth coming off its tilt.

  10. This used to be framed in my kitchen next to the fridge cause I love there music and when u went to get a snack u would see them and be like nevermind I don’t need it. Great snack deterrent

  11. True story, in middle school I got called to the deans office because I was doodling in science class and was drawing terror squad chains. The TS logo and the one one that spells out terror squad.

  12. I worked on a music video for Big Pun w/Fat Joe. It’s a shame finding out later that Pun was a wife beater and physically abused his son.

  13. This is fucked. So we can post these dudes as absolutely fucking fat and unhealthy but when someone post Amy Schumer as a fucking absolute unit, they get banned?? You know the girl that plays precious?? SHES A ABSOLUTE UNIT! My fiancé was banned for this stupid shit, bc women can’t be fat and unhealthy, it’s “love who you are” body encouragement. It’s wrong. Fuck y’all.

  14. Wasn't Big Pun physically abusive to his wife? I remember seeing it on VH1 years ago. I don't know how true it is but I did find an article mentioning it.

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