straight gut guy

  1. Villeneuve said that the whole scene was improvised by Skarsgard. They let the camera film and Skarsgard just flew to the air and said his now iconic "My Arrakis... my Dune." line. Everyone was clapping and they all did a line of cocaine to celebrate.

  2. Is this backward or is the small intestine really longer than the large intestine? I must have forgotten this from school.

  3. Dude down there is like "damn you straight gut guy, quit laying a turd all the way across my car every Thursday night!

  4. That's pretty funny. What I'd like to know is how a gas bubble without legs can travel all 22 feet of gut in 10 min.

  5. Among all the Primates, Our digestive system is really small intestine heavy as we are adapted to eating easy to digest nutrient dense foods, not ferment hard fibers for a prolonged time like Herbivores. We are true Omnivores in every sense possible. Only animal on the planet evolutionary adapted to eat cooked food.

  6. I knew a guy like this who, due to ridicule, went to live with giraffes. The particular tower of giraffes he stumbled upon were part of the Giraffia. A guy with a regular intestine would have been able to listen to his gut feeling that these 'raffes were dangerous, but straight gut guy couldn't hear this in time. RIP dude i didn't know you but i sympathize with your plight

  7. My boyfriend’s Dad is the guy on the left! Apparently when he was in high school his intestines ruptured. He’s one of a few medical anomalies to have survived this, and had to have a significant portion of his large intestine removed. He recovered with minimal side effects, some weird digestion issues, but nothing totally out of the ordinary. His claim to fame is that he ALWAYS beats the carnival barker who tries to guess your weight (because ole Ed is light on about 20lbs of intestine.)

  8. Had most of my large intestine removed years ago. When the surgeon met with my wife and I before the surgery he said he would be taking out about 4 feet. My wife said “ but he’s not tall enough to remove that much”. This brings it all back. It was hilarious

  9. "After this gut straightening surgery, nobody will be able to claim I'm not straight again! Not my friends, not my parents, and not my boyfriend!" - guy who definitely isn't straight

  10. You guys are not asking the real important questions... Is he flexible or stiff? Therefore... Can he suck his own dick? 🤔 #Science

  11. Dang I thought the small intestines were long enough to wrap around the globe or some shiz. Or maybe I’m thinking of nerves…

  12. Things that you eat don't actually enter your body as such. Think of yourself as a donut, with your mouth as the top of the hole and your anus as the bottom of the hole. Foods pass through you and nutrients get absorbed by your gut, but food doesn't actually go in your body.

  13. Whenever I see facts about the large and small intestine I remember this picture from this book called black sun - about the Japanese massacre of nanjing and other atrocities. One of the picture was a man alive with his stomach cut and intestines spread out … supposedly for science - to confirm how long they are. Think I was like 9 when my cousin showed me that book. Scarred me for life

  14. I hope to god that gravity plays a role in this and food doesn’t have time to get digested, as it just all falls out with a mighty “plop”

  15. I remember my 7th grade science teacher telling the class that if you stretched out all a person’s intestines into a straight line, it would reach the moon and I remember thinking… this is some bullshit. This was the same teacher who did a brief lesson on gang bangs during our quarter on sex ed.

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