The longest straight line - you could sail 2000 miles in a straight line from Pakistan to Russia

  1. "It turns out that Kepleronlyknows was entirely correct. The longest straight-line path over water begins in Sonmiani, Balochistan, Pakistan, passes between Africa and Madagascar and then between Antarctica and Tierra del Fuego in South America, and ends in the Karaginsky District, Kamchatka Krai, in Russia. It is 32,089.7 kilometers long.", here:

  2. Idk much about seafaring but I do know that the measurement they use for travel on the water is a lot different than on land because when it comes to real travel, land measurement just doesn’t work on the water and vice versa. Could be they got the number right and the wrong unit or the other way around. Either way it’s pretty impressive.

  3. It's a geodesic! There are mathematical proofs which show they are literally straight lines on a hyperbolic plane (eg the surface of a sphere).

  4. Pros: no hedges to climb, bulls to avoid, farmers to scream at him from their ATV. No ankle breaking falls, and no mountains to traverse

  5. That part of Russia isn’t in Asia though? Looks like it’s next to Alaska/russia part. Which I don’t think is classified as Asia right?

  6. I think this was put together without thought. Im not making the claim for the correct number, but that's way way longer than 2000 miles.

  7. Ignoring the technicalities that it's actually a curved line, yes there is. That's not the equator it's showing, that curved line sailing path goes between South America and Antarctica.

  8. I'm now realizing how brainwashed I am into thinking that the globe has to have north pole at top and south pole at bottom.

  9. I couldn't... even if had a comfortable gunboat 80 catamaran, with 6 crew who know what they are doing... THat's one of the worst routes you can take... You would probably die so fast...

  10. God, why are people like this? 2000miles? And you want us to believe you anything even though you could not get the easiest fact right which would have taken 2 mins to check?

  11. I don’t know if it was a typo. When I met My sister in law, she was a tour guide at a titanic exhibit. While touring us through the exhibit, without hesitation and full confidence she said “The titanic was over A MILE long!” I wonder how many people to this day remember the guide that told them that.

  12. I was thinking the same thing. There are Prevailing Winds, so maybe a straight line is possible but then what is the longest distance, direction, and how long would it take to sail in a straight line?

  13. Based on the 25,000 mile circumference of Earth and the 3000 mile width of the USA, I reckon this line is 12,000 miles in length.

  14. I dont know where op is from but in sweden a have a unit of measure called ”mil” which is 10km and 2000 mil would be just over half the circumference of the earth and this line looks like something close to that lenght.

  15. All you guys are talking about the geography you know, I'm sitting in the corner eating crayons and being amazed that I did not know Pakistan was near any body of water.

  16. This makes 0 sense to me... Isn't Pakistan near India? How can you go around like that through the ocean and get to Russia when they should be really close to each other?

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