Choo Choo

  1. Based on most movies I’ve seen, there should have been a massive explosion that launches the truck into a daycare center while the train derails and hits a nursing home.

  2. Thats a lowboy trailer. They get hung up on railroad crossings way too frequently. But this driver was given a route by the state permitting office and they either gave him a fucked up route, or he made a wrong turn and got off route

  3. As an over the road trucker, this happens WAY too frequently. And for anyone asking, thats an oversized load and each state requires permits from the permit office where you give them the dimensions of your truck trailer and load, and they are supposed to navigste a route for you to safely make it thru the state. Gets really tricky with a lowboy "low clearance" trailer cus ur adding another dimension into the mix

  4. The guy in the red shirt thinks waving his arms is going to get the conductor to notice and stop the train. Maybe if he were a mile down the tracks.

  5. I just wanna know wtf that was that went flying, raptor containment? Train made it look like a balloon was in the way

  6. Mining equipment maybe. I worked at a place that rubber lined the inside of mining and pipeline stuff, protects against corrosion, often saw units like that.

  7. It's some kind of a tank. You can see the nozzles with flanges for pipe connections. Maybe it's fitted with some internals to process liquid or gas.

  8. If u watch anothr part of the video u can see a second truck carrying the other half... It was a modular building.. Like a big shed. So mostly air.

  9. The guy in the red shirt waving his arms… like the engineer would see them and NOT the giant piece of whatever sitting on the tracks.

  10. “Guys. Guys!! Hey guys!!!!! There’s some large item on the tracks about 10 feet from me. Did you see it. It’s there……ah shit he hit it. Nobody ever listens to me!”

  11. People are such idiots, this accident could've very easily been prevented if they'd just quickly paint a tunnel on the side of the truck, that way the train could pass through

  12. Exactly, run perpendicular from crossing first but if you can't, run parellel to tracks towards the train to avoid all of the incoming debris

  13. I have no idea why they still use those massive magnets to run the warning gates. So many trucks coast over them and then end up stuck to the tracks.

  14. Jack up that lowboy as high as it'll go, and hit them tracks going as fast as you can. If you're going fast enough the trailer will slide right over it. If not you're fucked.

  15. It’s the woo for me, like eh? Who woo’s at this. I’m English and this is just a foreign concept. Over here it’d be oh fuck or Jesus Christ

  16. That’s Texas for ya. I think given that he’s likely aware there no one in the truck, a little excitement at witnessing such a terrific show of force isn’t out of place.

  17. A fully loaded train moving at operating speed can take 1 to 2 miles to stop, ( or longer depending on grade, rail conditions, etc. ) that's full emergency braking that often leads to derailment in itself (without hitting anything).

  18. It only stops if I’m on other side and need to get home to take a shit. Then it stops and blocks traffic for hours.

  19. Not abrupt Jesus there’s like fifteen seconds of video of the train approaching. It’s not like it took anybody by surprise.

  20. “Couldaaaa been me”… How could it have? There is a box truck the size of Texas in the tracks. My brother in Christ it COULDNT have been you ❤️

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