Great parking

  1. The one dude jumped as the second boat made contact and barely made the jump. lucky dude saved his ass. Would have ended up a smear on the pier.

  2. Someone fell of the smaller boat and was so going to get crushed but that dude stopped to help and literally saved their life. What a legend.

  3. I’ve seen crashes like this before. The engines are controlled by computer from the bridge. If the computer screws up the crew has no control

  4. Why are is everyone running away from the massive boat that weights hundreds of thousands of tonnes, is blaring it's horn, and grinding And crunching it's way into the pier?

  5. Yeah that chick yelling get out of the way like bitch I'm on land I'm out the way shut up and let me get my video. Then a chunk of the boat falls off and crushes me and my family is set for life. Let me live my dreams damn

  6. Pretty safe the boat will not destroy the land. But hey, everyone else is going for a jog and I did have a big breakfast.

  7. People are more used to land tech. A land vehicle of that size and inertia would fall to pier side and continue mowing, crushing everyone underneath. And the pier is walled - they coul only run in 2 directions. Also, stuff gets on fire and explodes

  8. Imagine you've bought your tickets, packed luggage, flown or driven a long way to go on a cruise... and you see this. Do you board?

  9. Odd take, but the sound environment in this has me in awe. Sound techs for film should take this as an example.

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  11. This was the cruise ship MSC Opera crashing into the River Countess in Venice in 2019. I think there were some people injured but no deaths.

  12. This happened in Venice, actually very close to my partner's house. Luckily where it happened the dock was sound enough to hold the ship, in many, actually most of the other canals in the city this would have resulted in destroying a part of Venice, and probably many more injured or deaths.

  13. Hopefully a documentary will come out soon explaining how a colossal mistake like this can happen, along with several others similar in outcome, except for a mechanical failure. No way a neophyte is being allowed to park that thing, so the person in control knows this is a slow, careful process.

  14. Most will agree, bow thrusters malfunctioning during docking, is about 100X scarier when you’re driving a cruise ship than stalling out when driving a bus. Therefore Speed 2 was the more intense movie. 😂

  15. not the smartest are they? its essentially a big bowl drifting on water vs a large, solid, concret foundation. Its not gonna have the force needed to obliterate the land they stand on so there’s no need to run. also worth pointing out, lets say the material wasn’t solid and was weaker than concrete, see how wide that area is? it would have made more since to flee to the side by casually walking than trying consistently stay ahead of an oncoming ship.

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