Well that escalated quickly

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  2. That was my thought. He went out of his way to mess with the shot. And I suspect it wasn’t the first time based on what what appeared to be a pretty heavy reaction.

  3. Including the guy that took part of the cue to the face. He's more angry at the dude that tossed the ball than he is at the guy who hit him.

  4. Last time this was posted, someone dug up an article that the guy in black tracksuit was actually a major bully and making his own rules about who got to stay on the table. Guy that tossed the ball stood up to his shit and ate a cue for it.

  5. JFC the pool stick broke across his face would have been bad enough without the two follow up punches. You could see it staggered him immediately.

  6. They guy in the foreground who nervously sips his beer after he sees what is going on behind him makes the whole thing… “I’m cool man, I didn’t see anything.”

  7. IKR?? In this sub always black people fighting and comments be like "animals" "uncivilized" "behave like a pack of wild animals". Etc,etc.

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