Friendly game of pool takes a turn

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  2. There are guys like them out there. Once I was with my boss at a restaurant and the table behind us started fighting all of sudden. A bottle of beer flying right by my boss's head. He didn't even blink, didn't look back, just enjoy his meal and drink.

  3. The guy seated at the bar (facing the camera) wanted NO PARTS of that scene once the fists started flying… *quickly turned and nervously took another sip from his pint

  4. There was some sort of negative interaction just before this. The puncher grabbed the punchee's arm for a second before getting ready to break, and the punchee gave him a long look like "Are you fucking kidding me right now?" just before throwing the cue ball. I wonder what that was all about.

  5. My guess is that he pushed him away from the table wanting to concentrate on his break. Him being poised he took it the wrong way.

  6. My guess and PURELY a guess from spending years in pool halls and bars, thug puncher guy took his quarters or skipped him and the guy was calling him out. Poor results but normal for calling out entitled goons.

  7. Yeah, there was beef before this; there’s an aggressive stance by the puncher, and the puncher is holding his arm to hold him back. The grabbing of the cue ball is deliberate, and the puncher take a moment before swinging his stick.

  8. It look like the guy getting punched had his hand on the table at the beginning and the guy playing took his arm to remove it, politely or not lol. The other guy gets pissed and throws the ball, chaos ensues

  9. No matter who started it…the pool cue attack and the punches to follow was a tremendous overreaction. And it’s all on video. That should help the authorities.

  10. Right?! OK throwing the cue ball, not really polite. But breaking the fkn pool stick and then beating the shit out of the dude because he threw your cue ball?? I have a feeling he’s a frequent flyer at the local jail.

  11. He's a grown man dressed like a child with matching top and trousers. That's a red flag from the start. He's just missing his drug bag slung across his chest.

  12. Fuck man this guy is a fuckwit. The pool cue was too much to start with but he didn’t need to give this drink fuck a one two combo, twice. He wasn’t even being aggressive after getting smashed in the head with a pool cue, he was reeling probably not sure what happened. What a violent piece of shit. He could have just given him a one two straight up, or a good fkn shove.

  13. An easy way to not get lit up like that is to not be a trolly little cunt by tossing the cue ball across the room.

  14. Not saying any of it is right, but let's not pretend that throwing the pool ball off the table wasn't aggressive

  15. Guy in my hometown did this, except the other one died when he hit him in the head with the cue. Also it was his own brother

  16. I was always told to start with the thin end so that when it breaks, you have the left over club in your hands ready to go. Never used this knowledge though as I’m not a fighter.

  17. Didn't think a pool queue to the face would stagger someone that badly, guy was already checked out before the punches arrived

  18. Did I see anything officer? Nope, nothing here to see. Just us boys playing pool, nothing out of the ordinary. The gentleman on the floor, oh him? He tripped over his ego, he's where he's supposed to be👍

  19. Lived in England for 6 years and never saw a fight. They like to drink, but they’re not that tough. Scotland’s different ofc.

  20. No chaos. Chaos would be the entire bare fighting, a gas explosion happening, a car driving into the building.

  21. Tough guys thinking violence is the answer to everything. Those guys end up dying broke and alone. Good for them. I wish it on them every day

  22. that's really, really, really not something you should do in the UK. that guy is in big fucking trouble for sure. Lucky if he doesn't get jail time.

  23. Has this happen in the barracks rec room. Playing 9 ball for $5 a game. BIG money to a A1C in 1980. Little punk from Venice Beach ran over and started throwing balls on the floor. According to witnesses, I grabbed him by his shirt and belt, then shoved his head through the sheet rock wall up to his shoulders. My squadron commander didn’t give a shit about Surfer Boy ending up in a ambulance. But I got a Article 15 for destroying the wall and had to pay $150 for repairs. He just made this little “oof” noise from inside the wall. Money well spent. Losing a stripe sucked ass though…

  24. I had to google "Sheet Rock" because I didn't understand how you inserted someone into a rockface with normal human strength.

  25. And this is England for you ladies and gentlemen, the same country that voted to leave the EU and is currently in financial chaos. The country is as fucked as the guy who got knocked the fuck out

  26. No-one going to talk about the collateral damage to the other guy playing getting caught in the follow through?

  27. From my experience in Australia, Billiard players are ruthless, especially if it's Snooker. If you piss them off, (aka cheating, not following house rules, drinks on the felt etc.) they wouldn't hesitate to thwack you with a cue.

  28. Takes me back to my 21st birthday seeing some guys betting at the pool table and someone checked the money and the other guy took offense screamed "£Keep your hands off my mother fucking money!" Then cracked a pool cue over the dudes head also breaking the pool light over the table it was crazy. Dude that got hit looked like he had been shot cuz he was bleeding so much. Wonder whatever happened to those guys

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