Explosion at a science fair in Girona(Catalunya)

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  2. 15 people injured= 10 children and 5 adults. 1 person seriously injured (the person manipulating the tank containing liquid nitrogen which he tried to mix with hot water), 3 people with moderate injuries and the rest just minor injuries.

  3. It's true that this was an annual science fair. I didn't know if this specific experiment was done (it's been about 5-6 years since I've seen the actual science fair with my own eyes) bit an accident never happened.

  4. It did look worse than it appears afterwards. If you freeze frame, most people still standing. Even a kid is still on their dad’s shoulders.

  5. What exactly were they attempting here. The set up looks like it was meant to do this: blow a guy up in a crowded area in a way they haven’t tried yet

  6. They were actually attempting to do a small trick. You see the barrels are filled with liquid nitrogen and rubber balls. They where supposed to go up but the pressure made it explode.

  7. It was frozen hydrogen on an experiment that sends plastic balls flying and then raining on kids. Should they play with frozen hydrogen with no security distance? Probably not.

  8. That dude was sent absolutely flying. If there wasn't a literal wall of people then odds are he would have gone splat against an actual wall

  9. This looks like a cutscene from a cod game. POV from a civilian and victim of an demonstration from the next world ending threat.

  10. In another video of this, kids run in and start throwing the balls around, while the man in black rolls around in agony.

  11. it's not our fault you think Madrid is some small town in a neighboring county, you always assume everyone is from from the US, and if presented with a globe you wouldn't be able to find Canada on it, not to mention something as mundane as Peru or Nepal.

  12. I have posted the article. I already explained the situation twice on above comments. I can't pin the article since the automod automatically pins a message on every post in this sub.

  13. This horrifies me! Oh my I pray he gets the right medical care. I don’t think I’m gonna sleep tonight…WOWZERS that was frightening.

  14. if you ever wanted to know the sound of serious injury, every noise past the 10-second mark is enough to punch up a good case of PTSD.

  15. When I was in Spain there was some sort of celebration with pyrotechnics thrown everywhere around kids and families. I’m not really surprised this happened after seeing how they seemed to enjoy explosions and fire as close as possible.

  16. If you watch at the beginning of the explosion, the dude holding on to the bomb literally zooms past the person with the camera...I hope he survived.

  17. No planning, explosions/blast have to be controlled. Weak points eliminated or capitalized to direct the flow. Smdh

  18. You can see jet of gas a frame right before the explosion. Bottom barrel has a weak spot and suffered a catastrophic failure

  19. I don’t have any experience with this experiment but wouldn’t the smoke coming from the bottom and the fact that the drum is moveable be an indicator that this isn’t a good idea?

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