Man hits women not wearing hijab in Iran during protests other men show him the error of his ways

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  2. You can like, see the fear in his eyes right before he goes down and it's just chefs kiss. Think you can just go up and lay your hands on whoever you want but don't like it when the mob forms around you? Yup. Hope he remembers that fear.

  3. Further proof that the only people that hit women or people they know for a fact are powerless against them are too scared to fight people who would actually give them a run for their money

  4. A woman was killed by police in Iran the other day for that reason so if this is recent, maybe that has something to do with it

  5. He is. People recognize them by their sideway bag. Recently they caught one and he said "no I'm with you", then people searched his bag and found taser and pepper spray, everyone started attacking him after this.

  6. They are called "agent provocateur" and have been a staple in bullshit police departments for hundreds of years, from the French Revolution to George Floyd Protests to this Iranian Protests.

  7. Slapping someone who he knew he could get away with it, then booking it to his motorcycle is the definition of “little bitch”

  8. Fuck around with everyone's mothers, daughters and wives and all bets are off. Religion or government none of that matters. Good on those men for stepping up. And, how about how fucking strong and beautiful these Iranian women are. Inspiring, hope this movement carries on across the globe.

  9. Exactly! I think people don’t realize that it take those in the “in group” to make real change. Men have to challenge other men, women can only do so much.

  10. It is because he is a plain clothes officer or has a similar role. Civilians in Iran don't carry pepper spray Edit: plain typo

  11. Last moments of he still being on the motorcycle, there was a grandpa with his hands in his pockets then he smacks the plainclothes police. Before net got shut down, he became a symbol and I saw him in few memes too

  12. Well what if your religion specifically sanctions it? Religions are simply ideologies - they can have some effed up parts. The Quran, Sura 4:34 states a husband can lightly beat/scourge his wife. It is explicitly stated - it’s not simply Hadith, not tradition. But the explicit words of the Holy Quran. Try telling someone that the Quran is wrong?

  13. If bulls on parade just started playing out of nowhere, I'd start the revolution right there. Sorry but I don't make up the rules.

  14. Nothing makes me more happier than seeing self righteous people getting fed some slaps. When it's a religious self righteous person, even better.

  15. Interesting to see similarities between Iranian women’s revulsion over religious zealots and how the Roe decision has galvanized American women against right wing zealots.

  16. The men going after him are real men. They are helping secure a safe future for their daughters, wives, mothers, cousins, friends, etc.

  17. Feeling like a big strong man punching a woman but as soon as they come after him bitch boy gets the pepper out. I’m rooting for all the woman and that they find the strength to fight their oppressors.

  18. Great to see there are real men in Iran and that they are going after these cowards that think they will stop women and girls from being treated like humans.

  19. They beat that ass and the women assisted. I prefer non violence. However, sometimes people F around and find out. 🤣🫣🤷🏿‍♂️

  20. Beat the shit out of him. Make him regret the day he was born. Make it go viral and show these sick motherfuckers society has no use for them.

  21. This is exactly what needs to happen. He should be swallowing his teeth and carrying his testicles in a napkin.

  22. zero sympathy. fucking pussy runs away immediately after knowing he fucked up. if he's really brave he should stand his ground. I'd respect him for that even if he's a bigot.

  23. Hehe deserved, honestly though, I haven't seen any men stand up for women in Iran for being harassed for "not wearing the hijab correctly" or whatever until now

  24. Most likely that is one of Iran's security force, they have undercover agents and are there to catch people acting against the regime.

  25. Since a long time I feel proud and are glad for the women in Iran, finally standing up again against their suppressors. Good work. Keep going. Future can get better, if you stay strong.

  26. Looks like Iranian men are tired of other men beating their women. Baby steps I suppose. But, it’s a step forward nevertheless.

  27. What a coward though. Hits a woman try’s to run when confronted goes for his pepper spray. These are the guys trying to enforce this stuff. Good for the other men standing up for what is right.

  28. Go out of your way to hit a peaceful woman? I’d fuck that asshole up so hard he wouldn’t have teeth that night. If you think it’s ok to treat women like this, take your mentally fucked religion and go hop off a cliff with that archaic shit.

  29. This could be the beginning of something good, these are just random ppl walking by, they see this lil bitch hitting a woman for some issue with the goddam hijab, and spontaneously bit the crap out of said bitch.

  30. They are 99% all Muslims there... To say "kicked his Muslim ass" isn't needed. They kicked his fascist ass. Not all Muslims are extreme in their beliefs.

  31. Let's not use first-world buzzwords used by privileged white people to describe this oppressive regime that literally jails and kills people who disagrees with them. Thanks. Sincerely, an Iranian American.

  32. Finally people standing up to the extremist in that area like bro the way the Middle East handles Islam is bad

  33. I can’t tell you how much hope this video’s given me that Islam just might have its own version of the enlightenment. I’m sorry to say I shan’t be holding my breath on their being able to break the tyranny of these hideous mullahs or whatever the fuck else they call themselves, but there’s hope yet. I couldn’t help myself cheering “on yersels, boys!” when I saw those young lads sticking up for that young woman. Edit: and battering the fuck out of that entitled knuckledragger who believes these hysterical, Bronze Age, sand-based tribes had the answers to all life’s questions

  34. If evangelicals had their way America would have a Christian version of that type of morality policing

  35. Isn’t that the religion where women are not allowed to show their flesh, or take any pleasure in sex, where men are allowed to do anything they want, ahh, the religion of peace and equality

  36. I absolutely love how much the world is changing. Fuck the hijab, and fuck totalitarian dipshits in America like Trump and Desantis.

  37. Boomer needs hard touch to learn. Love how these people think it's their right to dispense violence and expect nothing will happen to them.

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