New York McDonald's

  1. Live right near this. He was arrested then immediately let out because of our amazing ‘Cashless Bail’ system

  2. evidently he was flirting with the woman and she rejected him, guy got pissed off and went after her, that's why the guys are standing between her and axeman... he was arrested, charged with various charges then released with no

  3. Thank you very much for the background. I’ve only seen shorter clips of this. I didn’t know he goes up to the girl so I instantly thought that was his gf and she got caught cheating or something.

  4. These dumbasses really just slapped the shit outta him then stood around while he took his happy ass time opening his bag. What the fuck did they think he was going to pull out a teddy bear?! They’re lucky all he had was a hatchet.

  5. While you are trying to be funny, it didn't really work. Nobody died in this incident. If this crazy dude started shooting a gun even at the same objects he smashed, someone was going to get hit by a bullet.

  6. I would recommend they carry pepper spray. It tends to teach people to sit down and shut up. He would have put that hatchet down in a second if they sprayed him with pepper spray.

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  8. It's weird that I actually admire his restraint. After getting his head punched like that by a group of guys he went into full "intimidate" psycho mode but never flipped over into axe killer mode. He even flipped out over to the blunt side. Most people after actually getting beaten like that go red and attack back until someone stops moving.

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