Strike 🎳!!!

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  2. Got ushered out of a bowling alley years ago when the equipment snagged a worker that was trying to clear a jam. He was crushed to death. That old equipment doesn't have safeties or if it did its likely not working like it once did.

  3. Those bowling pin-setting machines are known for breaking appendages into pretzels, imagine what it would do if fed a whole person. Also, i couldn’t imagine that a 6 lb ball rolling down the gutter at 16 mph directly into the temple would feel any good.

  4. Worked in a bowling alley for years. He survived only because he fell into the pit behind after the lane ends. The pinsetter would have crushed him

  5. I'm glad I got hit in the head with the bowling ball. I have a special hatred in my heart for people who abuse other peoples' property

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