Bike on New York subway track

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  2. I’d be worried about that smoke. If that’s an E-bike, there’s probably all sorts of nasty chemicals burning in that battery.

  3. At the very least, be on the side that the train is coming from. I'm sure it's still possible to be hit, but you want to be on the opposite side of the direction of force because more often than not, that's the direction the debris will fly

  4. I feel like the person filming was a big reason why the bike was on the tracks to begin with, why else film it? If you do stupid shit, I feel no remorse if you get hurt.... if you die, well I'm not a monster. But being stupid should be painful. Pain's a great teacher.

  5. And this is why we can't have nice shit, not only is that train stuck there till they figure out what the fuck happened but every train on that line is also now delayed along with probably hundreds of people who needed to take that train.

  6. NYC sees millions of riders a day. If this entire track was shut down for even an hour, thats multiple thousands of people who will be inconvenienced.

  7. Would hope this occurred far enough from either switch that they can route all trains through one side. The stop at each end of the switch would be a bottleneck but better than completely shutting down a direction.

  8. Between the other trains on that track its several thousands of people delayed. There's literally hundreds of people in that one train alone.

  9. Don't encourage them hopefully they are too stupid to read this.. Yes I can concur that no redditor would do this because in their mind they would be losing fake internet points and already in the late stage of their witch hunt.

  10. There are cameras around most stations and tons of eye witnesses. Everytime someone does this they are risking getting sued by the city for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage.

  11. My current neighborhood. Shit like this is the reason I was almost an hour late to work this morning. We can’t have nice things in New York. 😒

  12. I witnessed transit employees pulling a bike out from under a train at a different station a few months ago. Other than a mangled front wheel and bent handlebars the bike was OK. The employees were making jokes.

  13. I would say this is way American subways need the gates you see in Japan and elsewhere, but knowing Americans, people would just dick around in the subway gates to delay the train.

  14. Or just an emergency stop button. If this happens in Japan you hit one of the multiple emergency stop buttons on the platform which will stop any train ahead of time and staff will clear out the tracks.

  15. We have such gates in a few stations here in Delhi, and honestly they are so good. It makes the system feel so much more secure imo.

  16. You should hear about what happened in Vancouver. They closed the huge mental hospital and just let the people roam onto the street. The city is in shambles. Straight up Gotham shit.

  17. People that have no understanding of how the NYC subway system works really need to stop sharing their genius ideas of “why did someone not climb down there and take the bike off the electrified rails?”

  18. The reason it explodes like that is because it was between the third rail and the contact, so a shit ton of electricity is gking through it.

  19. Here’s an idea. How about next time when you see something wrong in the metro instead of taking your phone out and saying "oh my god, oh no no no no no" you go press the emergency red button on the wall and actually try to prevent this from happening…?

  20. Praise? I can think of multiple things to do instead of filming, like looking for an emergency button to stop the trains, looking for a station guard/conductor, calling the train company/911, so many options to at least try to prevent this dangerous and expensive event from happening. But they chose to do nothing and just film it, so they have something cool to post for internet points. It's pathetic.

  21. There are responsible people, there're irresponsible ones, and then there's the fucker who leaves a bike in a subway track.

  22. Who else was disappointed in the first 2 seconds of the subway hitting the bike? Then was overly impressed/dumbfounded at everything that follows?

  23. Let me just stand there for an untold amount of time worrying about what will happen but Instead of finding someone to do something or doing anything myself let me just pull out my phone and keep quietly saying oh no oh no. That will fix it. NPC syndrome really is a thing.

  24. We always have 2 cops at the end of each platform and you can notify them about any issue and they will get the train to stop beforehand. Why are even bicycles allowed on a metro? The city should just create rental bikes at each station. There are multiple startup who are in this line of work.

  25. im really glad usa is a third world country now, they've been super arrogant and selfish for too long...

  26. oh there's a bike on the track, let me record it and risk being killed by electricity or a bike coming at me at a million miles an hour all so I can get a cool video!

  27. Hopefully that was an accident, either way someone in New York is going to see this video and get a few ideas. Some people just want to cause chaos

  28. He'd be on hold I'd imagine for atleast a few minutes , then by the time he explains where he is and they contact the people on the train it'd have been way too late.

  29. The bike went up because of the 3rd rail, electrified at 750v. Didn't short everything immediately because it's bottom contact, but that changed when the train rolled through...

  30. If only there was a way to stop this expensive, dangerous and delaying event from happening, like pressing a button in the station to stop the trains, finding a conductor (whom will probably find you sooner to find out why you pressed it), and removing the obstacle before something worse happens.. Or you could just film the "inevitable", whichever goes.

  31. Do NOT try to remove things like this. It's resting on the third rail where the train gets its electricity, it's what made it explode.

  32. In Japan, Korea, China, and other Asian countries there’s commonly a gate that divides people from the tracks and only opens when the train arrives. I feel like this would fix a lot of issues of people throwing things down there or even pushing others onto the tracks. I don’t live there and am curious from an outside perspective of why NYC hasn’t done any major upgrades to train stations?

  33. 🧐Pardon me, I don’t mean to be a word Nazi, but I believe you meant to say Train and not chain. But all is well, and have a nice day.

  34. There is a third rail which is a live electric metal track, this powers the train. Problem is if something touches it it gets connected to enough power to run a train, rats blow up a lot from it. Urban explorers must know about it, because it is a massive hazard and in the city it is surprising how easy it could be to fall on the tracks especially on a busy day.

  35. Man the breaks on metro trains are really good and the communication on lines are good for this reason atleast TRY and tell an attendant and try to move this, don’t just film it and cause thousands of pounds of damages and millions of pounds in traffic delays

  36. Instead of recording for internet points, this is where you should have hit the emergency switch, people.

  37. This was no ordinary bike. This is a military grade assault bike. I've seen them used before with similar devastating results. This was probably stolen. Nobody would purchase an assault bike like this only to use it in such a destructive manner.

  38. I just wish when people have time to set up a shot they would turn their phone horizontal and lock their arms close to their body to steady the shot. And if they have to follow the action it would be so nice if they would smoothly rotate their body. Why isn’t this taught in school?

  39. Am I the only one that wonders why the person recording the video didn't report that to the station staff? Just wondering

  40. I can see some crackhead doing crackhead stuff and pushing the bike out onto the tracks while arguing with some hallucination on their way to get more crack/meth. Skin all leathery from being in the sun all day, covered in filth, wearing out of season clothes that don't fit, and psychotically rambling on about crap. I have a lot of homeless crackheads in the area I live.

  41. The subway is why I moved out of NYC. I got sick of having big chunks of my day fucked up by stupid shit like this delaying trains or closing entire stations. My husband gave up a partnership offer at a law firm in NYC and agreed that we should move because of all the fucking train delays. Now I live in Colorado and trips that took 45 minutes on the subway are a ten minute drive

  42. I don’t understand why the train wasn’t stopped or why no one grabbed the bike off the track? It must have been there for some time before the person started recorded…

  43. You never want to enter the track area no matter what, but I agree that my first instinct would have been to look for an emergency stop button or some sort of preventative measure.

  44. Are you crazy, do you want someone to willingly risk their life by climbing on those tracks to grab that bike?

  45. Guess NYC don’t have track supervisors, security, maintenance guys or does everyone in the rotten apple really just not give a fuck ?

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