Just a man playing with his baby goat

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  2. The lion over there like " Hey! Habib! If you don't get your pajama wearing ass over here and give me my lunch I'm gonna eat that goat!"

  3. Hey as long as they are properly cared for, and given stimuli suitable for their species these particular animals will live extremely lavish, enjoyable lifetimes. This is far better than how they will be treated in the wild by other animals and, well, nature. Should illegal poaching continue? Hell no. But if they were breed in captivity then they are very unlikely to survive in their natural habitat let alone have a full belly every night, and a fun toy to play with.

  4. You don’t really know the story here and neither do I. But seriously though. Take your activism somewhere else. This is CHAOS.

  5. Bro, you literally rate living in the wild as being homeless and one of the worst possible scenarios and living conditions...yet you say eff anyone who takes an animal to live in conditions that are far better? You crazy bruh

  6. Ey some exotic animals do well in captivity. Like I'm all for saying fuck people who wants to keep tigers and lions, but a little corn snake or aquarium fish is fine as far as I'm concerned.

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