This car was parked in a car park in the airport I work at 2 or 3 years ago and the owner never came back for it.

  1. There is a bigger chance it was a rich kid returning home after finishing school in another country.

  2. Sad to think that if a car is likely abandoned, security would not even notify the police to check it out? Surely this can’t be the case, can it?? Has anyone ran the plates to cross reference missing persons?

  3. In the US, after a certain amount of time has passed it can be declared abandoned and the airport authority can auction it off. Requires a lot of paperwork and letters being sent to the registered owner going unanswered.

  4. I mean yes but I would also check that duffel bag on the drivers side on the floor. Whatever is in there could have been damp or had moisture at some point. Which could be what is causing that mold growth on the seat. Maybe it’s just nasty clothes maybe it’s something else. I just find it odd that the seat has been moved up so far, almost squishing that bag. Idk maybe it’s just me but I tend to take my luggage with me whilst traveling, not leave it under my steering wheel. I also watched wayyy to many true crime docs/ crime scene cleanup videos during Covid lockdown, I’m suspicious of everything.

  5. Not all bacteria is bad for you. Kling everything and beaching every surface actually makes you more likely to get ill.

  6. Covid lockdowns in the U.K. we’re about the same time Brexit meant EU workers had to leave or apply for residency.

  7. Call me ignorant, but what's with the steering wheel angle? Looks more like a van or truck steering wheel position, almost horizontal like that. Is it just an effect from the photo? Can somebody identify what kind of Renault is this?

  8. A Jason Bourne stole this vehicle to drive incognito to the airport and abandoned it. He safely and secretly escaped.

  9. In the 90’s I took a long weekend and left a company truck in the short term parking at a small airport in Mexico, I was reassigned whilst I was out, gave the keys to my replacement who resigned before he ever returned, no clue what happened to that truck but I am assuming that it disappeared piece by piece fairly quickly. In 2012 someone left an Enzo Ferrari in the Dubai airport car park, no one ever claimed ownership.

  10. There's a lot more than one abandoned supercar in Dubai. It's jail time for not paying your debts in the UAE; people will flee the country if they're bankrupt.

  11. Cars are occasionally left behind like that by wealthy college students studying abroad. They get their degree and just leave it all behind.

  12. I never parking in a Airport. You guys don't you record whose vehicle it is, some information about the name of the person and the flight you are going to take?

  13. If the car was in a western country, i’ve read rich kids who go to school in another country often do this before heading home.

  14. The one that won best airport in the country this year haha. Don't think legally there's much they can do, and it's one space out of thousands. The airport is owned by councils so in their mind they probably just think "imagine if they come back for it we can charge thousands" lol.

  15. No idea how long but they probably searched the reg, found no booking details, watched on the cameras to see when it came in, and that's it.

  16. Probably forgot where they parked it. Those airport car parks can be huge, and it's easy to forget when you've been away a while.

  17. See if you can find someone in law enforcement to look up the plates. I wonder what happened to this person.

  18. Not uncommon that a car gets stolen or at least reported stolen for insurance money. Airport parking is a good place to dump it.

  19. There was a car like this that sat in the parking garage at my university for 5 years. It was a early 2000s silver Dodge Stratus. Sat abandoned in a parking spot nestled between the wall and the elevator. Windows were eventually so dirty you couldn't even see into the car. I still wonder if it's still in the park garage to this day lol.

  20. The owner may be dead and the car can't be moved until an inquest into the owners death can take place and their estate sorted out. I've seen this before though it is an unusual situation.

  21. Dude, this is probably a clue to a missing person case. The police were never alerted? Usually cars get towed if it's left for a long time.

  22. Many years ago I noticed a car parked in a remote corner of the apartment complex where I lived. I must have walked past it a thousand times over the months on my frequent Slurpee and snack runs to the 7-11. Eventually curiosity got the better of me and I walked over to take a look. The first thing I noticed was the lack of a plate. Inside, the car was completely empty and spotlessly clean. One of the things I also noticed were the neat lines vacuumed into the carpet. My brother detailed cars as his first job in his teens so I knew that meant it had been recently detailed. At this point I decided it was most likely stolen from a dealership. So I looked on the trunk lid and there was the decal from a local dealership. The friend I was with and I then drove to that dealership and I informed one of the salesmen of my discovery. He followed us back to the car and called in the VIN number to the guys back at the lot. Sure enough, they had let someone test-drive the car and that person had never returned. The funny thing was, he told me that it had been last noted in their inventory over six months earlier and they just never noticed it was gone. My assumption was they dont look for missing cars and just get an insurance settlement out of it if its never recovered. And before anyone asks, no, the didnt offer us a reward.

  23. Thats insane with all the security talk; may be file a police report? May be someone needed help? Or closure, this is def one of those side quests you should take on OP😂

  24. The seat is so close to the steering wheel, it makes me wonder if it were pushed up or someone drove it that was eerily small.

  25. The fact that only the driver’s seat and steering wheels has the most of that green stuff, goes to show how dirty human’s hands are. Also, that could be a sweat on the seat

  26. So years ago, a coworker of mine died on a business trip. He was in a fatal car accident and it was a pretty big deal around the office.

  27. You don’t HAVE to buy a return ticket. Maybe he went to Australia and decided the ride back wasn’t worth it. It’s nice there.

  28. The driver may be diabetic. The compounds in his/her sweat becomes a media like substance that can sustain a colony like this for a while. Looking at the sugary drink and the Oreos on the passenger seat gave me this hypothesis and because my grandparents are doctors who became diabetic later in life.

  29. This is a little bit like the lone shoe on the roadside… it is entirely possible that driver is not dead and, left the car there for a wheeze? Gathering fulfilment and energy from knowing somewhere on the internet there is probably a group of people (yep us) creating interesting outcomes for the person who left it there…

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