A photo from inside the abandoned Pennsylvania mining village. Who remembers Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain?

  1. I’ve seen this photo a million times and I just wonder what happened to cause them to leave everything behind? It’s like a time capsule of the early 90s.

  2. I not only remember them, I had them. Had a TV like that too. And since I've only been following this sub a few weeks, it's a new post for me, so thank you, OP.

  3. I was so jealous when my friend got the entire Masters of the Universe toy collection when his parents got divorced.

  4. I had a friend who had all the original Transformers thanks to his parents' divorce. I started my own collection at that time, but it took years and never came close to matching his collection. Still, mine sit in a drawer in my old bedroom, in pretty good condition. Maybe that can be part of my retirement strategy!

  5. As someone from PA, this is probably Centralia. And knowing that, this is an old ass picture and repost, because since about 2018ish there was no legal way to get in to Centralia because you could fall through into fire pits, among other things. Fun place

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