back story of Donald: I found Donald in an abandoned village and started taking him on hikes with me to take pics for size reference for mushrooms. Now I’ve recently found a new love in this kind of exploring as well so Donald comes with me on all adventures.

  1. Haha that’s very good advice because during this exact shoot I took a pic of him on some piano keys and after I got home I realized it woulda been cooler with him. Will never be able to get that shot again dangit lol deff a lesson learned that day

  2. Every so often I'll listen to old radio plays. I found a few shows that Wildroot supported, like Sam Spade. The jingle sounds like something out of Fallout.

  3. IDK. M a n? Disney kind of hell bent on destroying childhood these days. I'm passing you by with a down vote my man.

  4. That might be a Mandela effect detector, but only careful examination of the serial numbers can confirm.

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