Abandoned schoolhouse in rural Ohio

  1. That's really cool looking. With the way the local school administration complains, I thought this was currently in use.

  2. I pass by this one frequently traveling from Zanesville to Mt. Vernon; it's on route 586. My husband finally remembered to take a picture last time we were out that way!

  3. I pass this every time I go to mt Vernon. It’s falling in worse and worse as years go by. Especially in the past three years

  4. Haha, same! I grew up there and am living in Zanesville now. I've only been here for a few months but even in that time it seems to have decayed even further.

  5. About 10 years ago (when it wasn’t falling in nearly this bad) my friends and I had a “photoshoot” here during high school. I always loved driving by this building. Sad to see the state it’s in now

  6. ...honestly I would be more suprised if the ghost of a long dead school girl or an abandoned boy scout that grew to be a feral 50 year cannibal did NOT live there.

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