Stephen Marek AWS Cloud Practitioner Notes (word)

  1. Please don’t post your note and the exam. What is the point of studying the exam and notes and pass the exam. After taking the exam, you completely forgot everything. Instead of studying the exam, creating a free account, explore what new in the environment, create something even an s3 storage, and ec2 instance or some resources. And view the different video, and enjoy more the journey of learning. Certification is not what companies look for hiring talent. Most hiring manager passed through this process. Instead use certification to learn the cloud, the resources, and how make everyone life more easier.

  2. Pretty sure you missed this but you've copied most of the slides via screenshots and posted them public. You are distributing paid content that someone else has made up, for free even though the course and slides say it's not meant for distributing.

  3. Well I just started studying solutions architect actually with Adrian candril and I'm making notes in the exact same format. I'm 15% complete with the course so it's far from ever being ready. When I finish it I'd upload my notes

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