Sad but it is what it is

  1. Why would Toph share the spoils of world domination with an entire nation's worth of people when she could do it by herself

  2. For real, I was just going to say that people don’t call toph woke propaganda because nothing feels forced with her. She has dimension, she shows emotion. To viewers, we can tell she was created with her disabilities and power because the creators truly wanted that, and not out of fear of criticism or a need to virtue signal like we see in so many other series and films.

  3. Yeah but, the reason why I don’t think anyone would, is because Toph’s character was made well. She wasn’t just strong for no reason, she had real struggle that got her to where she was and real teachers (the badger moles) that taught her her amazing skills. Also it’s a good thing she was never a love interest, because she was 9, and every other character is a teenager, so to say that’s be weird is an understatement

  4. I’ve seen this post before but I just had another thought… how many people would be criticizing the show for “making fun of the blind girl” how many more would be mad that the voice actor isn’t blind? “Shouldn’t they get a disabled person to play the disabled character?” I saw people say that about Daredevil.

  5. The amount of 2000s shows that wouldn't be even attempted to be made today, which were entirely acceptable and fine 10 years ago, it's crazy.

  6. Adding to the insanity, the extremes on both sides probably make up about <5% of the population yet have 95% the platform/voice.

  7. Nah, there’s a difference between Toph and these woke Mary sues of today. She actually is a person, she’s a character with flaws. She actually shows that she worked for her strength and that there was skill behind it.

  8. The OP Tweet is just classic gaslighting and projection. They do this all the time to distort the truth and confuse people who don't know anything about (in this case) Avatar. Next to nobody would be complaining about Toph for the reasons they stated.

  9. I mean I agree on everything but the "people would complain about the main character being a white straight male". That sounds kinda "omg nowdays you get shit on for being straight" talk

  10. and the other side would be crying about all the blind jokes she made at her own expense and trying to cancel the show

  11. Why can't just teenagers not have an opinion on every little thing? I used to shut up and play COD 2 or CS Source.

  12. I don't think Toph would like the WOKE culture. She wasn't strong for sake of being strong or plot armour. She sacrificed a lot to train the avatar who would save the world, all the way being part of the team, putting her foot down when needed, being there for others and being a sassy queen all the way. It was done right. I think that's why so many of us still love and fear her after so many years.

  13. Those criteria applies perfectly to captain marvel, and people do actually call captain marvel woke propaganda.

  14. That’s cause toph was awesome nowadays it would be aang gets beaten by ozai and some mixture of multiple ‘ oppressed’ character traits , would pop up an one shot him

  15. Well toph is different. If atla was released today I still wouldn't call it woke propaganda but that's the truth a lot of content today is woke propaganda and it's a shitty thing.

  16. Eh idk. Probably some but not enough to be a problem. The writing of ATLA is SO incredible that it washes it out. The troll issue is usually ushered in with bad writing, not that that's okay... but it leaves the door open for criticism. If your show is RIDICULOUSLY good, people will be less inclined to troll

  17. If it was made today though, it would have been much more heavy-handed. They just wrote a great character. That character was female, as opposed to “we have to write an iconic, empowered female.” They exist and should be featured, but when that’s THE brief, most writers seem to get the yips.

  18. Nah this could come out today and do just fine. It's now about whether or not it's "woke propaganda" but how it's displayed. She was just a character in the show. That's all she was. She was written well and happened to check all of these marks. The difference is about how it's presented. When shows come out with characters like this nowadays, they make sure EVERYONE knows that HEY, LOOK AT THIS STRONG FEMALE CHARACTER WHO IS POWERFUL AND NOT A LOVE INTEREST AND HOW INDEPENDENT SHE IS. fact of the matter is, that's what shows do now, they don't just write the characters and simply put them in the show, they advertise the character for these values to try to bring "woke" viewers to their program

  19. Not really. It all depends by how insufferable they're written by the creator. If toph feels shoehorned into a show and an insufferable shitter back on her debut, I'll call her a propaganda. But she's not. And if she debuted today I would still be thinking that she's a badass character.

  20. Here is the thing, Toph has so much personality that it is incredible, she has strengths and flaws, she is a great character all-around and one that changes throughout the story

  21. I disagree, what gets called woke propaganda is where their focus is on the disability/s and not the character. In ATLA Toph is an amazing character who happens to be blind not a blind person who happens to be strong. That’s my thoughts, create good characters and people will relate to them and appreciate the depth that went into them. :)

  22. It was woke propaganda though. The creators said they specifically created it because there was a lack of representation. Same with Korra. Same with Steven Universe. Same with a lot of great shows. You can follow the creators on IG and they don't hide their views all that much and the series isn't all that subtle

  23. People making the art they wanna make is propaganda? And if you wanna go by the broadest possible definition of the word, is it any more propagandistic than any story with a moral?

  24. People are too easily offended nowadays, either a show it 'horribly offensive' or 'Woke propaganda.' This political environment is tiresome.

  25. good writing means no agenda. Crappy written characters are the result of either propaganda or a bad writer. That id what sets shows like legends of tomorrow that may be considered preachy, is the good writing

  26. Nah, it would only be woke propaganda if it was "forced". Eg. The creators claimed "This is the first time..." totally ignoring Toph's existence.

  27. It would be. Back then it was just a funny character idea. Currently, there would definitely be some agenda in the creation of the character. But if it was done currently they would have her say "I beat up all those men for holding me back" except slightly better wording to make it seem like there wasn't anything political when it actually was. If it was done currently EXACTLY the same, I would just suspect.

  28. I remember reading someone say the same thing about Gargoyles but I'm shocked this is a real position. Not going to argue because I just don't feel like it haha but it's weird to be this conscious of it but still do it

  29. Lmao no, literally nobody would call that woke propaganda because the character is well written. If Toph would be a disabled girl, that didn’t do any training with the moles and became so proud and powerful because of white male privilege oppression, as they do it in a shows released today, then it would be woke propaganda.

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