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  1. Alright so before anyone goes full bear, here are some things to remember: The space industry and especially new launch vehicle manufacturers is/are a risky investment. With inflation being very high, institutions tend to favour sectors and companies that are closer to core (proven) sectors, starting with agriculture produce futures going all the way to chip manufacturing. A small pullback from the current macroeconomic trend therefore does not automatically imply much institutional interest in relatively risky sectors and companies. Whe evaluating Astra, you should therefore take a closer look at the fundamentals, current financing plans, company asset value and then take that and put it into perspective of the potential growth of the space industry in general, launch vehicle manifacturing, and particularly if you think Astra's position would allow it to capitalize on potential growth. Wether or not the current share price is a steal and a great opportunity to increase youe position is then up to you. I personally only hold a very small position in Astra, mainly because I like the idea of being exposed to the space industry in general, but also because I like aspects of their business model. Sure they are not planning on making their rockets reusable, but they have a rapid and comparatively easily deployable launch infrastructure which, given the current global political climate may come in handy for potential military contracts in the future. I haven't looked into the recent announcements on R4 and I am not sure whether leasing engine production from Firefly is a good move (with Astra basically acknowledging that their engine design either is a technological dead end for their purposes or that they do not have enough cash to finance further engine development), but I still think that there is lots of potential in the company and their rocket design.

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