Y'all said i should post a pic of my wall after playing ark so here it is (xbox controller for scale)

  1. Omg the first time I played ark some rando asked me if I had any CP and I reported them immediately to the admins… didn’t even know what cementing paste was yet 🤷‍♂️

  2. Haven't really played warzone since I chucked my controller on the floor and that shit bounced up and went square into the TV. RIP.

  3. The idea is to play ark religiously for about 3 weeks until you get fatigue after getting wiped over and over again, then take a break for a year. Repeat this cycle for about 5 years

  4. Not cool man, I bet you have no clue how to even fix this but I'll help. Get a sheet of drywall of the same thickness, probably gonna be ½in or ⅝in. Use a utility knife and cut at the seams or on half a stud on both sides. Figure out how high you want your new seam to be and cut a straight horizontal line from stud to stud. Cut your new sheet to the same size as your hole and screw it in. 1¼in screws will be fine for either thickness of drywall. Now use drywall mud on the seams and apply drywall tape. Make sure it's flat and that you have mud under your tape or it won't stick right. Apply more mud OVER your tape/seams and try to feather it out (making sure that the mud will be smooth after it dries). Let dry then sand it down flat and smooth. Do it again. Paint

  5. You have some serious issues. If you can't control your anger over a video game what happens when you get in a fight with your wife / husband or kid?

  6. I've got lime green! It's more unique than the typical boring colours you'd encounter. It brings more life and is more interesting than a bland colour.

  7. Now you can learn a new skill! Repairing drywall/plaster is intimidating at first but it's easily learned. The tools and material are inexpensive as well. I'm a lemonade not a lemon guy with life. If you feel you may do this again you also now know where the studs are so you don't injure yourself in the future. I put a few holes in walls when I was a teenager. It's actually soothing to fix something broken.

  8. This picture mirrors my feelings after finding out I had to kill a dragon for a teleporter .. and the time I feel through the world at home when I logged in and had to replace all my stuff.

  9. I have an uncle, I remember back in late 90s early 2000s he would FREAK if he felt something in the game wasn’t “fair” or “went wrong” (in all fairness glitches can Fkn suck). I’ve seen him stomp so many PlayStations and dreamcasts, crumple game discs, smash controllers. Don’t b like uncle. Instead: go to pillow, insert face, and scream at the devs 👍🏻

  10. I’m not sure what this is about. But if you feel that physically damaging something is an ok thing to do. Please go and talk to a professional that can help you understand your feelings, and emotions. Outbursts like this can mean something more. Talking to someone about them might help you from injuring yourself or someone else.

  11. This is just childish. Anyone that does this after playing a video game, is literally a bad person. If a video game sets you off like that, I can’t imagine how you even function in the real world. Definitely need some mental health help. Not to mention the cost of damages. Stupid.

  12. I mean i don’t actually break anything but I get the sentiment. When losing one take turns into 4 lost or realize you had a pod on you and can’t find yourself before time runs out. Or breeding only to forget/ not realize they aren’t eating from trough and die. Enough to make a grown man cry lol just the other day was super excited to play all day and hatch a boss Rex get home hatch it imprint get next to maewing mum go about other things boom “BABY HOT WHEELS WAS KILLED” I was on for 15-20 mins. And shut it off for the night. I felt like punching something or crying it was so frustrating

  13. If those holes in exhibit A were caused by playing Ark, then why, Mr. Peeper Leviathan, is your controller in one piece and not shattered across your bedroom? I rest my case, your Honor.

  14. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say if this how you react when video games made you mad, you shouldn’t play them. Or reassess how you manage anger. I’ve been mad at video games before, I get it. But I just log off, breathe, and go do something else for a bit.

  15. Yeah I'm gonna go ahead and say he got ark'd many times. I recently found something that made it a lot better in regards to not losing saves after a crash. Epic Games players won't need this. Turn off steam cloud saving, that shit is some bottom of the sewage poo poo. I crashed so many times on Fjordur I stopped playing it, but after I turned this off it's yet to crash.

  16. I just go to sleep pissed and punch holes in my walls in my dreams. waiting to wake up one day to actual holes in my wall.

  17. Get a punching bag it’s definitely cheaper and doesn’t make you look trashy when you bring someone over

  18. Looks like you got tired of that ugly green! Perhaps a demo team would have an easier time with renovations tho.

  19. This is actually pathetic. Work on controlling your emotions dude, no need to be so emotional over a game. It’s not real but that wall is…

  20. I've broken a wall too except I didn't do it out of rage I just got super excited and while celebrating broke my wall by accident and then my parents decided to put an outlet there and switched my room with guest room that never happened again(My hand hurt a lot after that and now my setup has no wall on either side of it)

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