Any games like ark? But on the same price/cheaper?

  1. I second Subnautica, unless you have an issue with deep water. No dinos, just fantastic fishes and other sea beasties.

  2. Idk what you play on. But console: conan exiles, citadel, rust, 7 days to die, stranded deep, ancestor’s? (Never tried it), and their is another game called humanity or something thats coming out soon. Pc: all the above. Plus valhiem and raft. Conan exiles has an interesting fight mechanic, fun bosses and somewhat of s followable story. But its not a pain to farm in that game, if you can learn all the workbenches. Too many benches. But it forces you to build sizable structures. Which you may love bc the styles of building in that game are amazing. Does have DLC to give you samurai armor, mongolian (or eastern asia) armor, knight armor, and i forgot the last one. Plus i think theyre adding magic… Haven’t played citadel. Havent played rust (dont fck me up) 7 days to die is a zombie survival game that recently got fully revamped and has so much stuff now. Guns, skills, building. Plus you can dog in this game and build a bunker instead of a normal house to protect urself. But every 7 days a horde will attack and you need to protect urself with spike walls and pitfalls and stuff. Stranded deep is a cheap and easy to learn island survival game. Its kinda like raft but with less focus on the actual raft, and more just island hopping. You can climb trees and snatch coconuts tho. Valhiem. Havent beat it. Its pretty good tho. Farm resources build a structure, rlly cool structures can be made with the snaping physics of that game. Also doesnt require a powerful pc. Raft also doesnt require a powerful pc. Ur stuck in the ocean looking for stuff pulling it in with a hook to get supply. There are boats and islands you can explore to include human ruins. Modern ruins like yatchs, fishing ships and oil rigs. Other games are subnuatica, its an ocean survival game where you swim and fabricate gear and vehicles. Its rlly fun even tho its futuristic. I rllu enjoyed that game. No mans sky, star citizen… there are futuristic games with survival functionality… but arent rlly good survival aspect wise

  3. rust or conan exiles have similar base building but if you're looking for a game where you can ride dinosaurs ark is basically your only option.

  4. im not rlly interested in base building, yes good base building is something that i want, but aside from that, i want a game that has a similar pattern of grind to ark

  5. Rust is great, I only have 200 hours but I play it from time to time when I need a break from ark, there are PvE servers where bases don't decay so you can go chill, also right now there is a twitch rivals of rust and can farm free skins!

  6. How has nobody mentioned Pixark? Its like ark and minecraft had a bastard child but with some fantasy elements thrown in.

  7. That is the only game that my entire life has ever made me sick to play. For some reason it gives me vertigo which is weird cuz I spent like 10 years playing Minecraft and I have over 2,000 hours in Ark

  8. This is the one I suggest. I alternate between Ark and 7 days to die because they have many similar elements. Really fun game. I actually prefer it to ark in most areas.

  9. Ive seen it but it dosent really catch my attention, i dont know if its because im just judging the screenshots of the game or smthng, but if its getting recommended to me on an ark reddit page, ill do a bit more research on it, thanks!

  10. Conan exiles, all my friends jumped from ark to Conan and it just feels so much more polished and finished. It’s theme is really cool, the map is diverse, it has caves and artifacts similar to ark. It has boss fights, as well as a story you can pursue.

  11. I just got Empyrion and I’m having a blast with it, it’s more space oriented though and considerably more complex but it really scratches that itch.

  12. 7 days to die is well worth it. Cheap too I believe. Replace dinos with zombies and you have 7 days to die lol. The building is far far superior to ark. One of the best building games I've ever played with good building physics built in. Also you can dig theough the terrain and change the map how you want it. 100% recommended. You can design your own maps too if you fancied it.

  13. I agree completely! I find 7 days to die superior to ark in most area, except for end game stuff. My only wish for 7DTD would be boss fights. Other than that it’s superior to ark.

  14. Yes i am! i have saved money for that game but until them, im not gonna be making any exceptions to spend it on other game, lul

  15. its on my wishlist for a while, ive been really considering if i should buy it, but it dosent really look exciting for me, do you think its more than what it looks like on gameplay videos?

  16. Core Keepers, 7 days to die, Rust, Conan Exiles, Valheim, Subnautica (1 and 2), Stardew Valley, Graveyard Keeper, No Man's Sky, Planet Crafter, Satisfactory.

  17. “7 Days to Die” would be another. Survive zombies, collect resources, build a home, and on every 7th night a zombie hoard attacks you. I like it.

  18. Conan Exiles is a good one, as is(probably an unpopular opinion) Atlas, which is made by the same people who did Ark. I’d also recommend Dark And Light, no dinosaurs just a few dinosaur-esque creatures and other fantasy animals

  19. 100% Conan exiles. I know alot of people have said that but I have played both for a long time and you said you wanted the same grind and in that aspects they are very similar. Conan gives the same vibe as ark but it's different enough to have a different experience but still itch that same feeling for ark

  20. What console or are you on PC? Cause if its xbox or PC get the gamepass for free for a month and give it a go. Pretty sure there's some cheap deals out there too so should be better than buying it out right.

  21. I have been playing rust and I've been enjoying it, Not sure if anyone has mentioned Atlas, which is basically an Ark clone (Made by a wildcard sister company). I actually prefer Atlas overall as theres a little but more emphasis on exploring and the world of Atlas is about 20 times bigger. You can build a house on a boat and sail between the islands as well for true nomad playstyle.

  22. Depends. For PVP: the nonstop action and occasional farming in Rust is most similar. For PVE: the atmosphere of Conan Exiles is most similar. All of this is IMO. There are other survial games though just as good. 7 Days to Die, Valheim, Empyrion, etc... you can't wrong with any of these games.

  23. If your into pvp and are on next gen or pc you might want to try rust but beware that the base game is very different from the console version (pc Is better for rust)

  24. Last time I checked, Ark Mobile is free. It's nothing compared to the actual game, but if you don't want to spend any money it's a fun way to experience the game for free

  25. Conan exiles is what happens when dark souls and ark have a love child. If your on xbox the games free on gamepass as well. And sometime between now and the end of September the games getting a magic system.

  26. The ultimate edition of Ark is available on Game Pass (Xbox). If you have the ultimate game pass, you can play it on PC and on Xbox for 0 dollars (just the membership price). Otherwise, you can always find discounted prices on cdkeys, g2a, etc

  27. One thing i will say is this, when it comes to economy with games, the best thing to look at is dollars per hour of gametime (assuming said time is fun). Sure you can buy a 20 dollar indie game, but if you only play it for 10 hours your dpg is a measly 2.

  28. Rust is by far the closest one, but if you just mean solid survival games, then Subnautica is a great narrative driven one. Stranded Deep is also quite good, it goes for a more realistic approach to island survival. The Long Dark is also pretty solid, so is Green Hell.

  29. I’ve loved Chimeraland so far 😁 I’ve heard it works way better on mobile than pc (I play mobile) It’s definitely not for everyone, but it’s worth checking out as it’s free

  30. Building crafting, I think they've covered it, Conan being the best of the bunch IMO...but I've never seen another game where you can tame/ride ride the animals. I mean.. Conan you can entrap and enslave enemies.. but it's not the same as taming dinos. Lol

  31. If you want a good survival game look into don’t starve series of games, project zomboid, 7 days to die, space engineers, empyrion and there’s a couple others but I’m drawing blanks currently. They’re all fun games and vary widely in genres but all have amazing mod support which really helps add to the vanilla version of the game.

  32. Conan has a ton of DLC, but you can get the disc used at GameStop for under $10. Lots you can do in single player and it has dungeons and a more intricate structure building system. And bewbs.

  33. I know it’s not similar but holy shit no mans sky is an awesome survival game. And has been for the past few years.

  34. Stranded Deep is pretty good as a time killer, sort of like a very simplified version of Ark without the taming aspect. You can choose whether the wildlife is passive or aggressive which is convenient if you want a break from sharks. You can build rafts and huts, hunt wildlife, grow plants and search shipwrecks, all that good stuff. My only complaint is that it got old relatively quickly, since while you can hop from island to island they are all very similar unlike the different biomes in Ark or Subnautica, and it's comparatively light with regards to crafting. That said, it still took like two weeks of solid playing for me to get bored, and I still pick it back up now and again when I feel like playing a survival game without investing a ton of time and effort like you inevitably do with Ark, so for like £8 or however much it cost I definitely feel like I got my money's worth.

  35. I too am looking for other options, I've tried most games that were suggested here but they didnt quite catch my attention. I have a few games in my wishlist atm but they haven't been released yet. Here's the list: Serum Nightingale Rooted

  36. Yeah, a lot of good suggestions here. Conan and Pixark will be the easiest to pick up since you are familiar with Ark. Both of those games are pretty stable, no where near the amount of bugs and glitches that ark has. They will not provide the same amount of playtime that Ark can however, but still 300 hours or so. That's how long it took me to get bored of them.

  37. They made another game called Atlas. It's like a piracy/mythology style game exactly like ark as it is made by the same people who made ark.

  38. Space engineers has more of a sandbox element but definitely has a grind. More emphasis on construction if you enjoy it's genre. I saw empyrion suggested, too - another good option.

  39. Honestly, I'd say wishlist it and turn on notifications. You can get it for $10 in a couple of months. There's also always kinguin

  40. My suggestion isn't a game, but maybe looking up some of the suggestions on YouTube to look at actual game play might help you narrow it down too. It really helps me get an idea of if it will actually hold my interest or not.

  41. If you want the same style pvp and raiding go for Rust itsnot very forgiving but when you get the hang of things you'll be able to catch back up really quick

  42. I’m a huge fan of ark, I recently started playing day z and I love it. It’s strictly pvp however. But you survive against zombies and other players.Gather gear, weapons, hunt for food. Minimal building, and crafting mechanisms, but it’s in depth. For example if you fall from somewhere too high you break a leg, you can craft a splint to get going again but that’s if you have the supplies available or close enough to crawl to. It’s pretty hard so if you like a challenge and the survival aspect then 10/10 I would recommend. I’m on series x so I have game pass and it was free to download with that.

  43. I second the whole “having a fear of water makes it better. I have a severe fear of open water and let me tell you… the first time swimming out to the island was absolutely terrifying. In fact there were multiple parts that freaked me out so bad I had to save and turn it off lol.. open water is the worst hahah

  44. If you have a good enough phone I recommend ARK mobile. I play it a lot and it's the full game but it's just the Island map. My phone is not even that good but as long as I'm not in battery saver it runs good.

  45. It was free for all consoles ar one point, including steam, idk if it still is but if not then try the forest, it’s basically the same but no dinos so no taming either

  46. Just watch Neebs Gaming on YouTube. They’ll show you what you want and make you giggle a bit while they do it too.

  47. Dark and Light is based on ARK code, and it has taming, but it doesn't have breeding, sadly. If it's still on sale for $5, it is at least $5 worth of entertainment, but bear in mind that Snail Games USA abandoned it completely, it still is buggy and unfinished, and the playerbase is very small. Still, it's gorgeous and it has a bunch of new elements, like magic and quests and learning engrams in a new way. I have been enjoying it immensely, tromping around Gaia on an elephant somebody was kind enough to tame for me, since I couldn't make the hook arrows needed for it yet.

  48. Ark has saved me so much money instead of getting wasted at the pub each Friday Just spend the money, it’s a great game

  49. Don’t get the forest. It’s crazy boring after a few hours of play time. The map is small and there is no end game content that matters. I would get Scum before they raise the price again, the game is difficult when you first start out tho.

  50. The long dark taps into the survival aspect and I can’t even tell you how many hours I’ve sunk into that game. It’s not really comparable to ark, but if you like ark there’s a chance you’ll enjoy survival mechanic games like The long dark and stranded deep. It’s independently designed and proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders.

  51. No Man's Sky for a non PVP explorer, loot, build. Just pop over to Warzone to get your kill on for a few hours. They have over 18 quintillion planets to explore. That is actually not an exaggeration they literally have over 18 quintillion planets to explore! Five different gameplay modes including permadeath... Waaay more building and base parts than any other game I've played. I've enjoyed 2000 brutal hours on Ark in every game mode over a few years and somehow I've got over 1,600 hours on no man's sky in one year!

  52. Not really, Ark is unique. Unless you're just looking for survival and tech progression and not taming and story beats.

  53. I havent seen anyone mentioned Dont starve together, just started playing it after i decided to quit ark after 5 years. I have to say its really fun but its difficult as hell until you get a hang of it.

  54. If you’re looking for a game almost exactly like Ark, the closest that you’re going to get is Conan Exiles. If you’re looking for a first person survival experience you can try games like Subnautica, Subnautica: Below Zero, 7 Days to Die, The Forest, Raft. If you’re looking for a open world experience with building and combat I’ll add on Space Engineers and Valheim. And finally, if you’re a survival masochist may I suggest Project Zomboid.

  55. Subnautica is a good game but the second subnautica was very short and disappointing so we were looking for something like it and discovered ark. I also started playing no man’s sky which was trash on release but now it’s worth while playing. You can tame creatures and travel from planet to planet by collecting resources, I haven’t played much but I couldn’t stop comparing it to ark. It is also free if you have gamepass.

  56. Steam is actually having a survival games sale right now! Get on it! Just off the top of my head: Valheim, The Forest, Conan Exiles, Green Hell, V Rising (sort of)

  57. Not seeing any one mention Green Hell, it's a more realistic take on the survival genre set in the Amazon jungle and it's the freshest breath of air after so much ARK. you can be relaxing spearfishing and 5 minutes later you're focusing on not bleeding out after a tribal attack

  58. Conan, Subnautica, path of Titans, the isle, probably more out there, the isle and PoT are dinosaur survival games, but if you want to play as humans I recommend the first 2

  59. I haven’t read through every comment, so it may have been mentioned but Stranded Deep is a good grind.

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